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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! A few quick notes this morning:

  • Today is a significant day in the ongoing fight over the presidential election results. A number of states, most notably Michigan and Pennsylvania, certify their results today. A lack of certification (a process that is usually just a formality) could throw the issue into the courts. So, watch for that.
  • As I look at how to keep ForwardKY going strong, one of the things I am considering is making the Forward Five a perk for membership. In other words, you would need to be a paying member in order to subscribe to it. Considering that it takes about 30 hours a month to put it together, and a Basic monthly membership is $3, that seems like a fair trade. So, if you are not already a member, now would be a good time to become one.
  • Also, I’ve noticed that some people confuse the Forward Five (this newsletter) with Forward Kentucky (the overall business as well as the web site). It’s a small point, but if you only read this newsletter and don’t visit the web site as well, you are missing out on much that we do. So, bookmark and give it a visit once a day or so. (Use the Read menu to scan all the content in chronological order.)
  • And finally, there won’t be a Forward Five on Thursday or Friday of this week. Even in the time of coronavirus, we’re still taking a Thanksgiving break. (Just not the everyone-come-on-over meal.)

The virus is everywhere, and doesn’t care about holidays. So, mask up, keep your distance, and stay safe. We’re doing the same. But also, stay engaged – political stuff is still happening. As always, for both the pandemic and our politics, we will get through this together.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Weekend coronavirus updates – the pandemic is surging across Kentucky

11/20 update — New records for cases, hospitalizations, and patients in intensive care

New cases of the novel coronavirus, hospitalizations for its disease, and the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care all hit new highs Friday. (Forward Kentucky)

11/21 update — State tells local health departments how to enforce Beshear’s new restrictions; second highest day yet for coronavirus cases

As Kentucky reported the second-highest daily number of coronavirus cases Saturday, state officials scrambled to get local health departments to enforce Gov. Beshear’s new restrictions on businesses. (Forward Kentucky)

11/22 update — Another record week of cases, and new highs for intensive care, ventilators, and positive-test percentage

Kentucky recorded the most cases of the novel coronavirus on a Sunday, and the most in its official Monday-to-Sunday reporting week, Gov. Andy Beshear announced in a press release. (Forward Kentucky)

Christian school and AG Daniel Cameron file suit over Beshear’s order closing Ky. schools

Danville Christian Academy and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron have filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Andy Beshear, arguing that his order closing Kentucky’s schools, including private religious schools, violates the First Amendment of the Constitution and the state’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.

A motion for a temporary restraining order filed along with the federal lawsuit says “Danville Christian has a sincerely held religious belief that it is called by God to have in-person instruction for its students, and it believes that ‘its students should be educated with a Christian worldview in a communal in-person environment.’” (Herald-Leader)

Kentucky lawmakers are getting form letters asking them to impeach Andy Beshear

Lawmakers in Frankfort are receiving emailed form letters calling on them to impeach Governor Andy Beshear over his COVID-19 restrictions. The emails begin by saying Beshear is infringing on the rights of citizens and that it is necessary for him to be impeached.

There is no movement among lawmakers to impeach Beshear. When asked about the emails, Rep. Adam Koenig, R-Erlanger, said he was ignoring them and that he does not believe Beshear should be impeached.

At least one email obtained by the Herald-Leader matches a form letter set up by the American Family Association of Kentucky, a conservative group run by conservative activist Frank Simon, that is anti-abortion rights and anti-LGBT rights. (Herald-Leader)

Sen. Mitch McConnell backs Mnuchin’s plan to let emergency lending programs lapseSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled his support Friday for U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s decision to let several of the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs lapse at the end of 2020, even though the COVID-19 pandemic will persist into 2021.

The programs on the chopping block, which include one that loans money to businesses, were supported by funds the Fed got from the roughly $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security, or CARES, Act Congress passed in March. (Courier-Journal)
  Marsy’s Law in effect with results certifiedThe Kentucky State Board of Elections on Friday officially certified the results of the November 2020 general election. In addition to the board certifying that all the candidate races are now “official,” it also means that the proposed Constitutional Amendment known as Marsy’s Law can take effect, after receiving over 63% approval among Kentucky voters. (Kentucky Today)

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[new] As CDC warns against Thanksgiving travel, here are a dozen more things you can do to help stop COVID-19 – As Americans prepare for the first Thanksgiving in the time of the coronavirus, here are 12+ things you can do to make the holiday safer. Spoiler alert: they don’t include having the traditional everyone-included meal. (Backgrounder)

[new] Selfish churches, selfish Christians – I told a friend of mine about the churches that were ignoring the governor and having in-person services. She said with a snort, “Way to hang together and take care of your fellow human beings. Really showing the love of Jesus to others, aren’t they?” I’d say she nailed it – except for needing stronger language. (Commentary)

[new] This week’s TSOK — Let’s talk with the new KDP chair – The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! On this week’s The State of Kentucky, we got to interview Colmon Elridge, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP. (Video and Podcast)

[new] Besieged in his bunker – Holed up in his quarters and protected by armed guards, the leader refuses to admit inevitable defeat. He inhabits a bizarre fantasy world, his mood swinging wildly between cold fury and deep despondency. Lickspittles rush to soothe the leader. The toadies coo their undying loyalty. They assure him that despite the seemingly insurmountable odds against him, he will persevere. (Commentary)

*The “Political Correctness” con – NO ONE is more politically correct than the folks who complain about political correctness. (Commentary)

New COVID-19 restrictions and SCOKY case, new KDP chair, and Rep. Buddy Wheatley interview – This week, we discuss new COVID restrictions by Gov. Beshear, and the SCOKY case. Also, we discussed Colmon Elridge becoming KDP chair – the first Black person to hold that title. The interview is with Rep. Buddy Wheatley. (Podcast)

Quit whining about Kentucky’s newest COVID-19 restrictions. Get on board. – On Wednesday, we had 359 Kentuckians in the intensive care unit and 176 people on ventilators. And now, you’re going to whine about these new measures Gov. Beshear announced because whining is what you do best? (Commentary)

Many Kentuckians face hunger and hardship this thanksgiving. They need relief. – For Kentuckians, time is running out, and for Congress, it’s time to do something worthy of the spirit of Thanksgiving – provide help where it’s needed most. (Commentary)

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