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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! As I’ve noted in this space before, I’m taking some time to look at the work of Forward Kentucky and decide about next steps. I’ve been having conversations with various people — members, contributors — and looking at various ideas for innovation and expansion.

At this point, the biggest limiter is me – or rather, my time. Gathering, editing, and posting content is taking a substantial amount of time. Doing the Forward Five takes a substantial amount of time. Maintaining the web site takes time. Lining up guests for shows, doing the shows, editing and posting the shows – all takes time.

Unfortunately, without more members, we don’t have the budget to hire staff, even part-time staff. So, over the next five weeks or so, you’re going to see me pushing for two things:

  • New paying members
  • Volunteers to help with certain tasks

If Forward Kentucky is going to keep going into 2021 and beyond, it has to grow, and it has to have a solid financial base. I’ll write more about this in future Forward Fives, but for now, just know how much I appreciate all of you who are faithful readers and supporters.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

11/19 update – Beshear calls new daily record of coronavirus cases ‘staggeringly high’

Gov. Beshear reported a “staggeringly high” number of coronavirus cases on Thursday – 3,649. “This is exponential growth,” Beshear said. “Our job is to stop it and that’s why we have put these new steps into place.” (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear asks Kentucky religious leaders to suspend in-person services to curb virus spread

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear asked religious leaders Thursday to suspend in-person services at houses of worship, resurfacing a controversial issue in Kentucky’s battle to curb the surging coronavirus. (Courier-Journal)

Biden officially wins Georgia

Georgia officials finished the hand recount of almost 5 million votes, and the result didn’t change: Joe Biden won the state and its 16 electoral votes. His final margin was 12,284 votes, and his win will be certified today. Assuming all other states stay the same, Biden’s final Electoral College tally will be 306 (the same as Trump’s in 2016). Meanwhile, as votes continue to be counted in some locations, Biden’s popular vote lead continues to grow, now at almost 6 million votes.

‘Such hateful words.’ White supremacist fliers found in Lexington neighborhoods

Religious and civil rights leaders have condemned hateful white supremacist fliers that were distributed in Lexington neighborhoods. The fliers took aim at Jewish and Black people while advocating for white people to “fight back,” according to a photo of the fliers shared by a local rabbi.

The fliers said that Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups are “destroying our citys and all the time the news makes it seem like they are just peacefully protesting.” The fliers also said white people were “in a war,” and that the group which made the fliers was “fighting for the white race.” They blamed Jewish people for “every anti white post” in the news and on social media. That flier also said “Hitler was right.” (Herald-Leader)

Some things to watch

  • Trump’s lawsuits to overturn the results of the election have pretty much all failed.
  • Therefore, he and his team apparently have a new plan: convincing state legislatures to throw out the results and elect their own slate of electors who will flip the state to Trump in the Electoral College.
  • Trump has asked the Republican leaders of the Michigan legislature to come to the White House today.
  • Trump continues to insist he won the election, and that it was rigged. Republicans in Congress are staying silent. This is dangerous for our country.
  • Stay engaged.

TODAY on “The State of Kentucky”

The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! We’re excited to get to interview Colmon Elridge on our show, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP. Join us Friday at noon!

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Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] The “Political Correctness” con – NO ONE is more politically correct than the folks who complain about political correctness. (Commentary)

[new] New COVID-19 restrictions and SCOKY case, new KDP chair, and Rep. Buddy Wheatley interview – This week, we discuss new COVID restrictions by Gov. Beshear, and the SCOKY case. Also, we discussed Colmon Elridge becoming KDP chair – the first Black person to hold that title. The interview is with Rep. Buddy Wheatley. (Podcast)

[new] Quit whining about Kentucky’s newest COVID-19 restrictions. Get on board. – On Wednesday, we had 359 Kentuckians in the intensive care unit and 176 people on ventilators. And now, you’re going to whine about these new measures Gov. Beshear announced because whining is what you do best? (Commentary)

[new] Many Kentuckians face hunger and hardship this thanksgiving. They need relief. – For Kentuckians, time is running out, and for Congress, it’s time to do something worthy of the spirit of Thanksgiving – provide help where it’s needed most. (Commentary)

11/18 update — Beshear stops in-person schooling, indoor food service; legislative leaders object – As coronavirus cases surge across Kentucky and the number of counties in the most dangerous level continue to increase, Gov. Andy Beshear issued new restrictions on Wednesday. “Action is unpopular, but inaction is deadly,” Beshear said at his daily briefing. (News)

White House report puts Ky. in most dangerous zones for cases and infection rates, lauds Beshear’s actions but asks for more – Kentucky is now in the worst danger zone for both its coronavirus case numbers and the share of Kentuckians who have tested positive for the virus in the past seven days, according to this week’s White House Coronavirus Task Force report. (News)

Reactions to new Beshear coronavirus guidelines – As you would expect, there were varying reactions to Governor Beshear’s announcement on Wednesday of stricter activity guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Here is a sample of those reactions. (News)

Dramatic night in Michigan: state won by Biden looks like it could suddenly flip to Trump – Even though Election Day is over, the election isn’t really over until the vote counts are certified at the local and state level. And last night, that simple procedure suddenly took on amazing significance in Michigan. (News)

We’re all in a liminal space – so what do we do with it? – My wife introduced me some time ago to a great word: “liminal.” It means “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.” In terms of the election, our nation, and perhaps even the world, we are definitely in a liminal space. (Publisher’s Blog)

What happens to our democracy when a minority rules? – A political system that allows minority [party] rule to control the most powerful offices is not legitimate for long. Without majority rule, there can be no democracy. (Commentary)

The remaining shreds of the COVID-19 safety net are dissolving, and McConnell refuses to act – With just two weeks’ worth of legislative working days left, the stakes couldn’t be higher right now, and many of the CARES Act provisions expire completely at the end of the year. McConnell doesn’t care. (Commentary)

QAnon — a recycled conspiracy theory spreading through the GOP – According to QAanon, a secret cabal of powerful “Deep State” Democrats are kidnapping kids and using their blood for satanic rituals. “It’s warmed-over anti-Semitism,” according to Murray State University historian David Pizzo. (News)

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