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Women of the 116th Congress (United States Congress, Office of Terri Sewell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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Good morning! The chair of the KDP, Ben Self, announced some time ago that he was stepping down at the end of 2020. There was quite a bit of speculation about who would replace him.

This past weekend, Colmon Elridge was chosen by the Executive Committee to be the new KDP chair. Elridge is an experienced political activist, and many applauded the decision.

So, I’m excited to interview him tomorrow on The State of Kentucky. We’ll get into the state of the party, what he sees as the first steps, and what his goals are. I hope you can either join us for the live show at noon, or watch the recorded version or listen to the podcast later.

Also – there are new COVID restrictions for the next three weeks. Pay attention to them, and let’s get this spike of cases under control. More than one hospital system in the state is reporting they are almost out of beds, staff, or both.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

11/18 update — Beshear stops in-person schooling, indoor food service; legislative leaders object

As coronavirus cases surge across Kentucky and the number of counties in the most dangerous level continue to increase, Gov. Andy Beshear issued new restrictions on Wednesday. “Action is unpopular, but inaction is deadly,” Beshear said at his daily briefing. (Forward Kentucky)

White House report puts Ky. in most dangerous zones for cases and infection rates, lauds Beshear’s actions but asks for more

Kentucky is now in the worst danger zone for both its coronavirus case numbers and the share of Kentuckians who have tested positive for the virus in the past seven days, according to this week’s White House Coronavirus Task Force report. (Forward Kentucky)

Reactions to new Beshear coronavirus guidelines

As you would expect, there were varying reactions to Governor Beshear’s announcement on Wednesday of stricter activity guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Here is a sample of those reactions. (Forward Kentucky)

Rand Paul bashes his ‘Twitter haters,’ touts natural immunity over COVID-19 vaccine

Sen. Rand Paul called out his “haters” Wednesday after he drew social media criticism for saying that contracting COVID-19 led people to have greater immunity than a vaccine would.

“Why does the left accept immune theory when it comes to vaccines, but not when discussing naturally acquired immunity?” Paul asked in a tweet Tuesday. The tweet was preceded by another social media post in which he said natural immunity to COVID-19 was “99.9982% percent effective.” (Herald-Leader)

GOP Senators break from Trump after he fires DHS official who debunked election fraud claims

Republicans immediately jumped to defend DHS official Chris Krebs, who was fired by Donald Trump via Twitter on Tuesday night.

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska said Krebs “did a really good job” and “obviously should not be fired.”
Sen. Richard Burr, Republican of North Carolina, released a statement saying Krebs did “a remarkable job” and praised his work to “strengthen our election infrastructure.” (Politics USA)

This Friday on “The State of Kentucky”

The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! We’re excited to get to interview Colmon Elridge on our show, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP. Join us Friday at noon!

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Dramatic night in Michigan: state won by Biden looks like it could suddenly flip to Trump – Even though Election Day is over, the election isn’t really over until the vote counts are certified at the local and state level. And last night, that simple procedure suddenly took on amazing significance in Michigan. (News)

We’re all in a liminal space – so what do we do with it? – My wife introduced me some time ago to a great word: “liminal.” It means “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.” In terms of the election, our nation, and perhaps even the world, we are definitely in a liminal space. (Publisher’s Blog)

11/17 update — Tuesday is deadliest day for confirmed covid-19 deaths, with 33 – Gov. Beshear said he will impose new pandemic restrictions Wednesday. Meanwhile, cases are running so high that health departments are asking those who have tested positive for it to do their own contact tracing. (News)

A record number of women will serve in the 117th Congress, including at least 51 women of color – In 2018, the nation elected 127 women – and 48 women of color – to the House and Senate. Next Jan. 3, at least 141 women, including 51 women of color, will be sworn in, with eight races involving women yet to be called. (News)

What happens to our democracy when a minority rules? – A political system that allows minority [party] rule to control the most powerful offices is not legitimate for long. Without majority rule, there can be no democracy. (Commentary)

The remaining shreds of the COVID-19 safety net are dissolving, and McConnell refuses to act – With just two weeks’ worth of legislative working days left, the stakes couldn’t be higher right now, and many of the CARES Act provisions expire completely at the end of the year. McConnell doesn’t care. (Commentary)

*Charges against Rep. Scott and others dropped; new KDP chair issues statement – State Rep. Attica Scott, her daughter Ashanti, Shameka Parrish-Wright, and 14 others went to court today on two misdemeanors each, only to learn that all charges had been dropped by County Attorney Mike O’Connell. (News)

*Candidate Owensby sued, files counter-suit – Dr. Alexandra Owensby, Democratic candidate for KY-06, has been sued for defamation, and has filed a counter-suit over the same issue. (News)

QAnon — a recycled conspiracy theory spreading through the GOP – According to QAanon, a secret cabal of powerful “Deep State” Democrats are kidnapping kids and using their blood for satanic rituals. “It’s warmed-over anti-Semitism,” according to Murray State University historian David Pizzo. (News)

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