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Today’s Five Things to Know

State “on fire” with coronavirus

Saturday 11/14 update — After new records for cases, Beshear says he will have to ‘take additional steps’ if trend continues

Kentucky continued to set records for coronavirus cases and COVID-19 hospitalizations Saturday, prompting Gov. Andy Beshear to warn that he will have to “take additional steps” if the daily numbers don’t drop. (Forward Kentucky)

Sunday 11/15 update — Virus-case average is at new high in Ky., as are hospital and ICU cases

It was the highest Sunday and the highest week for cases of the novel coronavirus in Kentucky, and hospital numbers also set new records. (Forward Kentucky)

Ignoring evidence, Rand Paul spreads misinformation about COVID-19, mail-in voting

There’s no evidence people are immune from COVID-19 after they’re first infected, but U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says they are. The Kentucky Republican on Thursday night again advocated against COVID-19 experts’ advice when discussing people who have already had the potentially deadly disease.

“We should tell them to celebrate,” Paul told Fox News. “We should tell them to throw away their masks, go to restaurants, live again — because these people are now immune.” In fact, as several doctors have noted and repeated after the Kentucky Republican’s remarks, there is no evidence verifying those once infected by COVID-19 are immune from getting the virus again.

Paul has been publicly spreading misinformation not only about the coronavirus but also about mail-in voting in the wake of the Nov. 3 election, which President Donald Trump lost to former Vice President Joe Biden. (Courier-Journal)

Candidate Owensby sued, files counter-suit

Dr. Alexandra Owensby, Democratic candidate for KY-06, has been sued for defamation, and has filed a counter-suit over the same issue. (Forward Kentucky)

Colmon Elridge selected as new chair of Kentucky Democratic Party

Colmon Elridge was elected chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party on Saturday by the party’s State Central Executive Committee after being nominated to the position by Governor Andy Beshear. (Forward Kentucky)

Slowly, national Republicans are beginning to support Biden transition

Over the last few days, some Republicans have spoken out to say that it is time for the transition to the Biden/Harris administration to begin. More than one Republican congress-person has said that Biden should be receiving the President’s Daily Brief, the security briefing. A few have called for the current administration to certify Biden as the winner so that the Biden transition team can get the funding and office space they need to do the transition work. And Karl Rove has stated emphatically that the result won’t be overturned.

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] Minimum wage proposal being prepared – Legislation is being prepared by Senator Reginald Thomas for the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly to increase the minimum wage for workers in Kentucky. (News)

[new] The flexible paywall returns – sorta – The bad news is that the paywall is coming back. The good news is that it’s a flexible paywall. Learn more about it here! (Meta)

[new] Some post-election humor from DemList – Ready to laugh, or at least smile or chuckle appreciatively? Here’s some post-election late-night humor, compiled by DemList. (Humor)

[new] QAnon — a recycled conspiracy theory spreading through the GOP – According to QAanon, a secret cabal of powerful “Deep State” Democrats are kidnapping kids and using their blood for satanic rituals. “It’s warmed-over anti-Semitism,” according to Murray State University historian David Pizzo. (News)

[new] What Daniel Cameron has been up to, plus Rep. Nima Kulkarni interview – On this week’s show, Jazmin takes a look at actions taken by the AG that don’t have to do with Breonna Taylor, and Robert does a COVID-19 update. The interview is with Rep. Nima Kulkarni from Louisville. (Podcast)

[new] *KY Supreme Court affirms Beshear’s executive orders – In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of Kentucky has affirmed the constitutionality of Governor Andy Beshear’s executive orders related to the pandemic. (News)

[new] *The GOP can and must stop the delusion and return to reality.’ – Today, Congressman Yarmuth (KY-3) released this statement regarding President Trump, the Trump Administration, and Congressional Republicans’ continued attack on our democracy in refusing to accept the results of the election and begin the necessary transition process. (Press Release)

Dems, please remember — Big tents get messy. – The GOP challenge is that their party represents only a minority of Americans, and a minority of views. The Democratic challenge is the opposite: Dealing with a big, messy tent. (Commentary)

*Former presidents recommend Trump use accumulated vacation time now – A bipartisan task force of former presidents has recommended that outgoing president Donald Trump be allowed to immediately use all of his accumulated vacation days and leave his position as early as this weekend. (Satire)

Let’s celebrate the Big, Bad Deep State – Once again, we have been saved by the “deep state” – all those anonymous, earnest, and unflappable career government “bureaucrats” who have kept the ship of state on keel, despite the unrelenting chaos at the top. Let’s pause and celebrate these people, who have been so viciously reviled for so long. (Commentary)

*Let’s have some fun with the Great Obstructionist, Mitch McConnell – Mitch McConnell has vowed to block Biden’s selections for Senate-approved positions, from the cabinet on down. So, the Great Obstructionist will is at it again. Is there anything President Biden can do to deal with McConnell’s intransigence? (Commentary)

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