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Do you want to help decide the future?

The future of Forward Kentucky, that is.

I’m looking for some regular readers of the site, the newsletters, or both, to take part in a Zoom meeting to talk about the future of the work. With the election (mostly) over, now is a good time to step back and look forward.

Helping with this will be a two-step process:

  • Filling out an online survey before the meeting.
  • Attending the meeting at whatever time we can set it up. (I’ll use a Doodle poll to find out.)

So, if you want to help with this, send me an email. Be sure to include your name in the email, as well as any days/times that you are definitely not available. I’ll try to incorporate those in the Doodle poll.

Looking forward to this work, to get a different outside-in perspective.

Bruce Maplespublisher
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The flexible paywall returns – sortaAs many of you know, we instituted a metered paywall about two years ago. We put it in front of all the content on the site, BUT we gave people up to seven articles a month before the paywall came up. (That’s why it’s called a “metered” paywall.)

We took it down when the pandemic hit, in order to let people get whatever info we had to keep themselves safe. Then, with the election coming, we kept it down, so we could get out news about the election.

Now, though, we need to put it back up. Why? Because if people can read everything for free, why do they need to become a member and support the work? And believe it or not, there’s money involved in doing this. 


HOWEVER – this time, we’re only going to paywall our original content – articles written by our contributors. Items from elsewhere will continue to be open to all.

SO – if you are a member, go make sure you can login. If you need to reset your password, do it now.

And, if you are an email subscriber and even a regular reader of the site, but not a member, NOW would be good time to join. The Basic membership is just $3 a month. Click the link and do it now, so you will be able to read ALL the great content after this weekend.

New features on the ForwardKY site

We’ve added a bunch of new things to the site, but so that we don’t blow up your inbox, we’ll only list a few in each newsletter. This time, it’s our new communication tools.

New secure communication tools for whistle-blowers and tipsters

We have had the email address for as long as we’ve had the site up. But, some people might want something more secure, or more anonymous. So, we have added some new secure communication features. All of these are under the Shout Back menu.

Regular contact methods

  • For website problems or suggestions, send an email to
  • Submit your events for the calendar using our event submission form.
  • Send your press releases and other media notices to
  • For general feedback, including questions, complaints, and compliments, send an email to
  • For story ideas, including background info, rumors, or things you think we should know where you don’t mind using your own email, you can also send an email to

Secure messaging

We use Wire for secure instant messaging. To message us securely on Wire, you will need your own Wire account. There are paid plans on Wire, but there is also a free version on their website. Note that you cannot IM us securely using a regular IM client.

Secure email

We use Tutanota for our secure email. Their service uses end-to-end encryption, which means no one can read your email but you and the person you send it to. Like Wire, to email us securely using Tutanota you will need your own Tutanota account.

Secure contact form

Finally, if you need to contact us securely but don’t want to set up your own Wire or Tutanota account, you can use our secure contact form. This service is called Secure Connect, and is provided by Tutanota, so it is just as secure as their regular email service.
More new features in the next Newsletter!

Top stories for past two weeks (or so)

If you get the Forward Five or the Weekly Wrap and open them and read them, you probably don’t need this section. If you don’t, this will help you know what everyone else is reading or viewing on the site, and by scanning it, you might find something valuable that you missed.

KY Supreme Court affirms Beshear’s executive orders – News article about the SCOKY decision, with summary of major points

‘The GOP can and must stop the delusion and return to reality.’ – Statement by Cong. John Yarmuth on the refusal by Congressional Republicans to accept the election

Dems, please remember — Big tents get messy. – Excellent article by Teri Kanefield on why Dems are going to have to learn to compromise within the party, due to the demographic shifts in the two main parties.

Former presidents recommend Trump use accumulated vacation time now – Satire about Trump leaving on vacation from now to January 20

So-called “Patriots” putting up a Front in Kentucky and They are racist; some of them have guns. Inside the white supremacist group hiding in plain sight. – Two articles about the Patriot Front, one focused nationally and one focused on Kentucky

Let’s have some fun with the Great Obstructionist, Mitch McConnell – Commentary on some ways that President Biden can get around McConnell obstructionism

Reactions to the Biden/Harris election – a series – A number of separate articles chronicling reactions to the Biden/Harris win, from elected officials to entertainers to leaders of other nations to everyday citizens

Brennan Center: Why these new election lawsuits will fail – Analysis of the legal problems with the Trump lawsuits

Because grifters gotta grift – Commentary on Trump using the post-election time to continue to grift

No more, no more, no more. Finally, we are rid of our Sawdust Caesar. – Commentary on finally being rid of Donald Trump

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