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Five Things to Know Today

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Good morning! We’re having technical issues with the web site this morning. The tech folks are working on it, and hope to have it back up soon. So, this is going to be a short Sorta-Forward-Five. 


Bruce Maples

Things to Know This Morning

COVID growing everywhere – Yesterday was the 4th highest case count for a single day, and the highest ever for a Tuesday. Hospitalizations also hit a new record high. And out of 120 counties in the state, 96 are on the White House’s list of danger zones.

No voter fraud – The New York Times contacted the election officials in all 50 states, and all of the officials said there was no evidence of voter fraud in their state.

National Security team “decapitated” – As reported by Ryan Brown: Pentagon finally confirms near total decapitation of civilian leadership in the last 24 hours. Secretary of Defense Esper fired Monday, the top Pentagon Policy official, top Defense Department intelligence official, and chief of staff to the Defense Secretary all out today.

Beshear criticizes Cameron for taking part in PA lawsuit – Governor Beshear criticized AG Cameron for joining the lawsuit in Pennsylvania trying to throw out votes. “I think not accepting the peaceful transition of power is un-American.” Objects to Ky tax dollars paying for a legal fight over in Pa.

SCOTUS skeptical of Obamacare argument – In oral arguments yesterday, some of the Supreme Court justices seemed skeptical of the argument brought by the plaintiffs that since Congress had gotten rid of the penalty for not having insurance, the entire Affordable Care Act should be declared unconstitutional. Basically, the justices said that if Congress had the power to get rid of the individual mandate, they had the power to kill the entire law, but didn’t, so the rest of the law can still stand.

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