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Five Things to Know Today

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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! A few notes as we start the week after The Week –

  • I took some time off (as in, away from the computer) over the weekend, so I’m a little behind getting new stories posted on the site. Will be working to catch up over the next few days.
  • We’re all tired of politics and elections, I’m sure, but we need to stay engaged in the runoff elections in Georgia. BOTH of their Senate seats went to a January runoff, and if Dems win both elections the U.S. Senate will be in a 50-50 tie between Dems and Repubs. With VP Harris available to break ties, it would be possible to get past McConnell and actually pass some meaningful legislation. Watch for more about these races in the coming days.
  • As happy as we are that Biden won, let us not lose sight of the significance of the Kamala Harris election to vice president. First woman, first person of color, first Indian-American, first Asian-American – all the firsts she has and will achieve need to be named and celebrated.

Have a good week, stay safe, wear your mask, enjoy the weather. I’m going to do the same.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

11/8 update — In the past week, Ky. has had the most new coronavirus cases yet

Kentucky reported 1,177 new cases of the novel coronavirus Sunday, less than the last two Sundays but enough to make the state’s Monday-to-Sunday reporting week the most infectious yet. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky Republicans share debunked claims in support of Trump’s allegations of fraud

Rep. Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul joined a growing number of Republican politicians echoing Trump’s election fraud claims Thursday with debunked claims.

Massie shared a video presenting alleged evidence of election fraud in Michigan. But the video which Massie shared was debunked by PolitiFact and the information in it was false, according to Michigan officials.

Paul had a tweet flagged for potentially misleading information Friday morning. The flag was later removed. He referenced Kentucky native Ed Prichard’s conviction of voter fraud in 1949 and then said mail-in voting caused more fraud. (Herald-Leader)

Daniel Cameron joins Republican AGs in challenging Pennsylvania mail-in ballots

Two days after former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Kentucky’s attorney general will join other Republican AGs Monday in taking “major legal action” in the case challenging Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots. 

A Sunday media advisory, which mentioned Daniel Cameron’s involvement, did not specify what action is being taken. But it’s presumed a lawsuit will be filed related to the mail-in ballots in the state that gave Biden the electoral college win over President Donald Trump. (Courier-Journal)

 Brennan Center: Why these new election lawsuits will fail

Election officials are doing their jobs and counting the votes. Still, lawyers for the president have been throwing everything against the walls of our court systems in the hopes of stopping them. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky exit poll gives Beshear slightly better grades than Trump on handling the pandemic

The poll gave Gov. Beshear a slightly better grade than President Trump for handling the pandemic, and found sharply divided opinions about the pandemic between those who voted for Trump or Joe Biden. (Forward Kentucky)

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[new] No more, no more, no more. Finally, we are rid of our Sawdust Caesar. – Nearly 78 million (and counting) of us have said NO MORE to Donald Trump’s politics of hate, fear and division. No more to his grievance politics. No more to demagoguery. No more to racism, sexism, misogyny, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious bigotry. No more to Trumpian boorishness and buffoonery. No more to his fawning over murderous dictators and dissing our democratic allies. No more to making us the laughingstock of the world. (Commentary)

[new] * This week on The State of Kentucky: “What now, Kentucky Dems?” – Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. On this week’s The State of Kentucky, we talk with Robert Kahne, Representative Joni Jenkins, and Senator Morgan McGarvey about WHY this happened, and what Dems in Kentucky need to do going forward, both for elections and for the General Assembly. (Note: Senator McGarvey had a last-minute conflict, so he was not able to join us.) (Video and Podcast)

Beshear rejects Senate leaders’ request for private meeting with health commissioner; Stivers criticizes governor’s approach – Gov. Andy Beshear and state Senate President Robert Stivers clashed Thursday over the governor’s handling of the novel-coronavirus pandemic and his relationship with the legislature. (News)

Ohio Valley lawmakers react to Trump’s false statements undermining the election – As the vote counts have continued, Trump has repeatedly taken to Twitter to make more false claims of fraud, leading the social media company to attach warnings to his tweeted messages. (News)

Election Day 2020: A rough one for Democrats – This week Robert and Jazmin talk through the collapse of legislative Democrats outside of Louisville, Lexington, Northern Kentucky, Bowling Green, and Southeast Kentucky. We discussed what happened, who is to blame, and what to do next. (Podcast)

* KY House: Repubs flip 13 seats, Dems flip none – In a year where KY Dems hoped to flip some GOP seats in the Kentucky House while holding most or all of their own seats, the opposite happened. (News)

Because grifters gotta grift – The reports all claimed that Trump would only take this unprecedented and unprincipled step if he were “ahead.” But that was always going to be a lie. Trump was always going to sue. Because grifters gotta grift. (Commentary)

Win or lose, Trumpism won’t fade gracefully away – Trumpism won’t fade out even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, warns historian David Pizzo. “Paramilitary violence, domestic terrorism, conspiracy theories – the Trump cult won’t die,” he said. “In fact, it may all increase.” (Commentary)

Can we please not give up on the U.S. Senate yet? – We did not do as well in the Senate as many would have liked, that is true. But we need to recognize there is still a path. (Commentary)

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