A Mini Forward Five

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A Mini Forward Five

Good morning, all! I’m writing this at about a half-hour after midnight, still up watching the returns come in. By the time you read this in the morning, we may have a new president, we may still have Trump and Trumpism, or we may not have a final answer at all.

My plan is to sleep in tomorrow after staying up for this, so I’m putting together this short newsletter with a few things to know as you come into the day after Election Day.

Take care of yourselves, no matter what happens. We’ll continue to get through this, together.


Things to Know Today

11/3 update — As coronavirus cases escalate, officials warn hospitals could reach capacity

“If we cannot control the increase, then it is a real possibility that we could face some real concerns with capacity — having enough beds — here in Kentucky,” Beshear said at his daily briefing. (Forward Kentucky)

KY House: Repubs flip 13 seats, Dems flip none

In a year where KY Dems hoped to flip some GOP seats in the Kentucky House while holding most or all of their own seats, the opposite happened. (Forward Kentucky)

McGrath loses to McConnell

After all the money spent and the hard work of many, Amy McGrath still lost to Mitch McConnell, and it wasn’t close. McConnell won by about 20 points, 58 to 38.

Hicks loses to Barr in CD 6

One of the flips that many people hoped or expected would happen was Josh Hicks replacing Andy Barr in Congress from the 6th district. That did not happen; Barr won 58-40.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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