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2020 Election Update from Your County Democratic Party

October 27

What’s at Stake
Trump has made it clear that he wants the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. If he has his way, 2.8 million Arizonans living with preexisting conditions will lose critical health care protections — and that number will only grow if complications from COVID-19 joins the list of deniable preexisting conditions.

Since he started running for president, Trump has said that he will have a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and to protect preexisting conditions. He’s had four years to show the American people that plan. Now, one week away from the election, he’s once again saying “trust me — I’ll figure it out later.”

Simply put: Trump doesn’t have a plan.

The only plan Trump and McSally have is a desperate and immoral strategy to get re-elected. Part of that plan is to continue to pretend that the pandemic is not all that bad. Even though at least 225,000 Americans have died, the Trump administration is willing to sacrifice another 100,000 or more rather than admit that we should all be wearing masks, that schools need money to safely continue educating our children, that businesses need on-going subsidies to get through this, and that we need national leadership — and funding – for contract tracing and intelligent quarantining. 

What happened yesterday with Barret’s confirmation and then the immediate adjourning of the Senate without addressing a COVID-relief bill, emphasizes the importance of winning the Senate as well as the Presidency. Arizona has a big role to play in making that happen. 

Even if we win next Tuesday, the next few months will be dark. But they will be much darker — with no light at the end of the tunnel  — if we fail. It’s time to join the fight if you’re not already in it. And if you are in it, keep up the good fight.

Other races matter a great deal. We’ll be in a world of hurt if we can’t change the majority in at least one house of our legislature. Much of what the Supreme Court decides is based upon what legislatures do; with a 6-3 majority for radical conservatives on the court, it’s imperative that we wrest control from Republicans at the state level in Arizona. Please hop on a phone bank (“Canvas from your Couch”) for Felicia French and Coral Evans. 

Likewise, our County Board of Supervisors has a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Three of our Democratic candidates face opposition – Patrice Horstman in District 1, Matt Ryan in District 3, and Judy Begay in District 4. 

District 4 is a particularly tough race – the seat is now held by a Republican and Republicans have a registration advantage. Judy’s opponent is termed out State Rep. Bob Thorpe, who is merely taking a recess until he can run again in Phoenix. His idea of public service has been to introduce bills favoring corporations and suppressing votes. A hard-working group of volunteers has been working on the District 4 race. If you have friends in the district, please urge them to vote for Judy — JudyBegayforSupervisor.com.


Thanks to your generous donations, our County Party has been able to contribute a great deal — directly and indirectly — to the legislative and supervisor district races this season. Right now, it’s all about getting our voters to the polls. The phonebanks are no longer about persuasion or identifying those who are with us, they are about getting those who have said they will vote for us to actually vote. 

As of last evening, our County Elections Office had issued 69,785 early ballots and 40,519 voted early ballots returned. 45% of our total registered voters have already cast their votes. That means there are over 29,000 ballots still out there and 55% of voters need to vote. Of course, not every one of those is one of our voters, but many of them are. In fact, 60% of registered Democrats in Coconino County have not yet voted as of last night. 

It’s often surprising who doesn’t vote. Do a friendly check-in with as many friends as you can to make sure they have voted. Don’t make assumptions – they may not understand that they can vote NOW even if they don’t get their ballots by mail.  Share this information:  CoconinoDemocrats.org/Vote

The most effective thing you can do right now is to join a phonebank for Mission for Arizona (Biden/Harris/Kelly/O’Halleran) or LD-6. All of these opportunities are listed with links to enlist at CoconinoDemocrats.org/Events.

Voter Enthusiasm

Our PCs and volunteers have been doing what we can do safely in a COVID-restricted environment to drive up voter enthusiasm and spread information about how to vote.  You may have seen our car parades going through Flagstaff neighborhoods and social media pictures of Democrats voting and videos of local folks talking about why they think it’s important to vote. We will continue to do these events through Election Day; however, we’re not announcing parade locations on our calendars because we are targeting particular populations and trying not to attract unwanted counter-demonstrators. Candidate supporters and our Native American field organizers (Northeast Arizona Native Dems) are also doing similar events.  

We’ve completed two literature drops this season. One on behalf of LD-6 and County Supervisor candidates targeted close to 7000 low-turnout voters. A second, a month later, on behalf of Biden/Harris targeted 3200 voters who were likely to need a push to vote. We are currently dropping literature to promote voting in the Latino community. 

And, signs…  Let’s just keep replacing them since the Biden/Harris campaign, after a late start, seems to have printed an unlimited supply. 

If those times don’t work for you, you can do a drive-up pickup from the Biden/Harris storefront at 14 E. Birch. You must fill out this form and wait to be contacted for an appointment.

Reminder:  Our office remains closed to walk-ins as a pandemic precaution. Lots of work is going on there, but please don’t just drop in and use our sign events rather than trying to get a sign directly from the office.

Election Night

We are going to miss the in-person party which has been a tradition on Election Night!  Instead, we’ll be setting up a Zoom event so that you can keep up with the local race returns and chat with friends. We expect to have special guests — candidates and commentators – dropping in throughout the evening. Watch for the link to appear on our website calendar on Election Day.

Donate Now

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We work to protect the American Worker, the American Dream and the Future of our Children. The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party.

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