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If you live in Louisville, you have an extra item on your ballot this year: approving or turning down a tax increase for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! I apparently hit a nerve with yesterday’s note about being stressed. I got more feedback from that Publisher’s Note than from any other I’ve written. Many people shared their own feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression.

So, as we head into the weekend, let me share another idea.

Make time to get away from it. Stop “doomscrolling” on your phone (a great new term). In fact, put your phone down, put your tablet away, and turn off your computer. Take a walk and look at the trees. Read a book. Fix a good meal. Or just sit on the back porch and watch the sun set.

Yes, what we’re dealing with is serious – deadly serious, in fact. Yes, we need to be working to change it, by both voting and by getting others to vote.

But just like the advice I have given people caring for a sick or dying loved one, the same holds true here: You cannot be a caregiver if you don’t also take care of yourself.

And in this case, you cannot work to make your country better, to care for your country, if you don’t also take care of yourself.

One last thing – Look down in the “recent content” box. You see that link labeled “Right now”? That’s a video put out by Unite. If/when you get discouraged, watch that. It inspired me, and gave me new hope.

Then turn off your computer. 😉

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/22 update — 1,330 new cases; record 800 hospitalizations, 214 in ICU; positivity rate jumps to 5.3%

Beshear announced 17 more COVID-19 deaths, for a two-day total of 38. The seven-day rolling average of new cases rose by 10 to 1,172, another record. A month ago, the seven-day average was under 700. (Forward Kentucky)

Ball goes after Beshear; the KDP goes after Ball

State Treasurer Allison Ball announced an investigation into Governor Beshear’s use of funds to fight the virus. In response, the KY Democratic Party issued its own statement on Ball’s actions, past and present. (Forward Kentucky)

Why haven’t these candidates filed their financial reports?

Out of around 200 candidates running for the state legislature, how many would you guess have failed to file one or more of their campaign finance reports? How about over 30? (Forward Kentucky)

Poll: Majority of Kentuckians approve of Beshear, Cameron in contentious first year

A new poll found that a majority of Kentuckians approve of the job done by both Gov. Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron during a year that has thrown both of them into a contentious spotlight.

Fifty three percent of Kentuckians said they approved of Beshear’s job performance, which has involved imposing restrictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Cameron had a 54 percent approval rating, according to the poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy. It surveyed 625 Kentuckians between October 12 and October 15 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. The poll found 34 percent of Kentuckians disapproved of Cameron while 39 percent of Kentuckians disapproved of Beshear. (Herald-Leader)

Mitch McConnell mostly mum about bruised hands, says no concerns

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s hands have become the unlikely subject of wild speculation on social media as people obsess over how badly bruised they look this week, but Kentucky’s longtime senator isn’t saying much about it. A photograph taken earlier this week showed McConnell’s noticeably discolored hands, which had a couple of small bandages on them. A little bruising around his mouth also was noticeable during a public appearance. 

Politico reporter John Bresnahan asked if he had some kind of health issue.  “… I’m serious, is there anything going on we should know about?” McConnell replied, “Of course not.” (Courier-Journal)

TODAY on “The State of Kentucky”

If you live in Louisville, you have an extra item on your ballot this year: approving or turning down a tax increase for Jefferson County Public Schools. A group led by someone who doesn’t live in the JCPS district put together a petition to challenge the increase on the ballot. The school system then sued, saying the petition was faulty. If they win their suit, the results of the vote will be thrown out. Now it turns out that a Republican state legislator gave the anti-tax group access to a voter database with names and addresses. And, in addition, a local group of activists has formed to push JCPS toward more racial equity, and they have weighed in on the tax increase as well. Join us today as we go over ALL these threads in the JCPS tax story!

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Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Saturday (10/24) – McGrath Early Vote Rally in Lexington (info)
  • Saturday (10/24) – Save SCOTUS Saturday at Mitch’s Office (info)
  • Sunday (10/25) – Maria Sorolis Socially Distanced Lit Drop (info)
  • Sunday (10/25) – Vote the Change 2020: Arnold Farr, Christian Motley, Liz Sheehan (info)
  • Monday (10/26) – The Moscow Mitch Monday Show (info)
  • Tuesday (10/27) – McGrath Early Vote Rally in Louisville (info)

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10/21 update — Virus cases set a record, deaths a near-record – Kentucky had the highest day of new coronavirus cases and second highest number of deaths Wednesday, reporting 1,487 new cases and 21 deaths. (News)

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McConnell leads McGrath by 9 points in new poll – According to the survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, McConnell is backed by 51% of likely voters in Kentucky, McGrath has 42% while libertarian candidate Brad Barron has 4% and 3% are undecided. (Brief)

🔥 Two complaints filed against Rep. Robert Goforth – In a press release from her office, Frankfort attorney Anna Whites announced that two formal complaints were filed today against state Representative Robert Goforth. (News)

Can you vote if your absentee ballot doesn’t come? – It’s one of the most common questions this election season: If I requested an absentee ballot, and it doesn’t come, can I still vote? The answer is Yes – but with some caveats. (News)

🔥 Fact sheet: Unlawful militias in Kentucky – The Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) put together this fact sheet explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups, and what to do if such groups are near a polling place. (Backgrounder)

A lawyer looks at the constitutional amendments on the ballot – Have you been wondering how to vote on the two constitutional amendments on the ballot? Jazmin Smith, a lawyer and co-host of “My Old Kentucky Podcast,” digs into both and offers her take on them. (Analysis)

🔥 Cloth masks do protect the wearer – breathing in less coronavirus means you get less sick – No mask is perfect, and wearing one might not prevent you from getting infected. But it might be the difference between a case of COVID-19 that sends you to the hospital and a case so mild you don’t even realize you’re infected. (News Backgrounder)

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