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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Let’s talk about content from other publications.

On the Forward Kentucky web site, we post content from two sources: our own contributors, and other media outlets that allow cross-posting without cost. Examples of the latter would be KY Health News (the source for the COVID updates), The Conversation, Pew Research, and others.

Most outlets, however, do not allow cross-posting, because they feel that it takes away from traffic on their own sites, which means (usually) that their ads don’t get the traffic either. This would include the Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal, for example. So, we can’t post something from one of these sites without express permission, because it would be a copyright violation.

There is an exception to the copyright law, though – it’s called “fair use.” Basically, you can use a small part of a story from another publisher, as long as you attribute it back to them and as long as the amount used is small. That’s what we do in the Forward Five.

Recently, I contacted a number of publishers about doing fair-use excerpts from their news stories and posting them on Forward Kentucky, in a category called “Briefs.” (All you middle-schoolers, stop giggling.) I could have just done this without asking, since it would fall under fair use – but, I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t be a surprise to them if we did it.

Only two outlets said Okay – the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting and WFPL (which are part of the same parent organization, Louisville Public Media). The other publishers never responded.

In spite of the low response, we are going ahead with the Briefs section. You will see the occasional story from either WFPL or KYCIR, with a link to read the rest at their site. I hope you will do that; they do very good work, and deserve the reads.

And, let me know if you find this valuable or not. One of our goals is to become the go-to site for political news in the state, in addition to providing a strong progressive voice in our commentary. This is part of that goal. But, if you don’t find it valuable, we’ll have to consider whether to keep it up.

Thanks for being an email subscriber, and thanks for reading the Forward Five.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/20 update — State prepares for a medical surge; in-home gatherings discouraged in 43 counties

Gov. Beshear announced the state’s fourth highest day of coronavirus cases on Tuesday, along with increases in almost every other measure indicating the state is headed for trouble. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: White House report: 70% of counties at moderate or high level of virus spread; trade with stores following rules

The latest report from the White House Coronavirus Task Force again has Kentucky in the task force’s worst danger zone for number of cases, with 12 more counties being put in that zone than the previous week. (Forward Kentucky)

Two complaints filed against Rep. Robert Goforth

In a press release from her office, Frankfort attorney Anna Whites announced that two formal complaints were filed today against state Representative Robert Goforth, one with the Legislative Ethics Commission and the other with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell leads McGrath by 9 points in new poll

According to the survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, McConnell is backed by 51% of likely voters in Kentucky, McGrath has 42% while libertarian candidate Brad Barron has 4% and 3% are undecided. (Forward Kentucky)

USA Today breaks tradition, makes its first-ever presidential endorsement

In its 36-year history, USA Today has never endorsed a candidate for president. Now it has, and that candidate is Joe Biden. (Courier-Journal)

Breonna Taylor grand jury wasn’t given chance to weigh homicide charges, juror says

Judge Annie O’Connell’s 10-page ruling left the door open to the grand juror refiling a motion to speak publicly about the Breonna Taylor case. (Courier-Journal)

This Friday on “The State of Kentucky”

The Drama Behind the JCPS Tax Increase
If you live in Louisville, you have an extra item on your ballot this year: approving or turning down a tax increase for Jefferson County Public Schools. A group led by someone who doesn’t live in the JCPS district put together a petition to challenge the increase on the ballot. The school system then sued, saying the petition was faulty. If they win their suit, the results of the vote will be thrown out. Now it turns out that a Republican state legislator gave the anti-tax group access to a voter database with names and addresses. And, in addition, a local group of activists has formed to push JCPS toward more racial equity, and they have weighed in on the tax increase as well. Join us this Friday as we go over ALL these threads in the JCPS tax story!

Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Thursday (10/22) – Indivisible KY Phonebank (info)
  • Thursday (10/22) – Planned Parenthood Phonebank (info)
  • Saturday (10/24) – McGrath Early Vote Rally in Lexington (info)
  • Saturday (10/24) – Save SCOTUS Saturday at Mitch’s Office (info)
  • Sunday (10/25) – Maria Sorolis Socially Distanced Lit Drop(info)
  • Monday (10/26) – The Moscow Mitch Monday Show (info)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

[new] indicates item not in a Forward Five before
🔥 indicates high # of reads, social media shares, or both

[new] McConnell and the Russians: Setting the record straight – In the current news whirlwind, many have forgotten the connection between Mitch McConnell and Russian money and influence. So, let’s review the record of “Moscow Mitch” and his involvement with the Russians. (Commentary)

[new] McGrath holding Lou & Lex “Early Vote Rallies” — in-person and live-streamed – The McGrath campaign is holding Early Vote Rallies in Lexington and Louisville to encourage Kentuckians to vote and vote early. The events will be live-streamed, and also open to in-person attendance for a limited number of people. (Action)

[new] Attorney General says secret meetings of public officials are okay – So much for the dying notion that “statutes enacted for the public benefit must be construed most favorably to the public.” And so much for the public’s right to know what its elected officials are up to. (Commentary)

[new] 🔥 After Louisville police shooting deaths, cases quietly closed – Usually, when LMPD kills someone, families are left entirely in the dark about how the police are handling the case, an investigation by Newsy and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting found. (Briefs)

[new] Can you vote if your absentee ballot doesn’t come?
 – It’s one of the most common questions this election season: If I requested an absentee ballot, and it doesn’t come, can I still vote? The answer is Yes – but with some caveats. (News)

10/19 update — Highest Monday cases; positivity rate nears 5%, hospitalizations are up; Beshear says we know how to fix it – Beshear said, “We are not currently looking at new restrictions, but we have got to get these numbers down.” If that doesn’t happen, he said, “I fully anticipate that the White House will ask us again to limit bars and restaurants.” (News)

🔥 Goforth sends personal notes from his wife to voters, but breaks campaign laws in the process – State Representative Robert Goforth makes the news again – and not in a good way. Here are pictures of the notes sent to voters that violate campaign finance laws. (News)

🔥 Fact sheet: Unlawful militias in Kentucky – The Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) put together this fact sheet explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups, and what to do if such groups are near a polling place. (Backgrounder)

🔥 Will Dems flip any KY House or Senate seats? Robert Kahne analyzes the chances. – Robert Kahne, the co-host of My Old Kentucky Podcast, takes a look at a number of races for the state Senate and House, and gives his predictions on possible pickups and losses for both parties. (Analysis)

🔥 Sixth Circuit reinstates abortion law that could close clinics in Kentucky – The ruling overturns a 2018 injunction that had blocked the law. Now clinics will either have to arrange transfer agreements, or get a waiver every 90 days. If the waiver isn’t granted, they would have to close. (News)

A lawyer looks at the constitutional amendments on the ballot – Have you been wondering how to vote on the two constitutional amendments on the ballot? Jazmin Smith, a lawyer and co-host of “My Old Kentucky Podcast,” digs into both and offers her take on them. (Analysis)

🔥 Cloth masks do protect the wearer – breathing in less coronavirus means you get less sick – No mask is perfect, and wearing one might not prevent you from getting infected. But it might be the difference between a case of COVID-19 that sends you to the hospital and a case so mild you don’t even realize you’re infected. (News Backgrounder)

🔥 Rural KY counties are becoming COVID hot spots – When you lookk at Daily Yonder’s map of rural coronavirus infection rates, it’s obvious that the rural counties of Kentucky are becoming the hot spots in our state. (News Analysis)

🔥 Mitch’s voicemail – COVID relief – If you call Senator Mitch McConnell’s office and ask him to do something about COVID relief, what message do you get? Aaron Smith has the answer. (Cartoon)

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