It’s Monday in Ventura – And Moving At High Speed Already

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Monday in Ventura

Monday 10/19 – CALL-IN/EMAIL COMMENT – City Council Meeting tonight

There has been a number of incidents with Trump caravans in Ventura County recently, including one indigenous person who was deliberately rammed. Several people have reported intimidation and violence after being circled by a caravan near Ventura’s City Hall, and now there are reports of this kind of intimidation occurring at the Ventura County Government Center, as people return their ballots to actual OFFICIAL ballot boxes. There is concern that the police are not taking these reports seriously, or doing adequate investigation.
Tonight, at the Ventura City Council meeting, a statement will be read that denounces white supremacy and these acts of violence at the beginning of the meeting. The asks for public comment are:
Share your stories of similar violence of being attacked or witnessing attacks by people with cars and motorcycles, particularly people in this Trump caravan, (this could also include any online harassment if it is tied to someone who is in this caravan, Trump supporters, or white supremacists) and demand that they take action to prevent further violence towards community members of color and also protestors.
You can also give a comment to support others who have already given their testimony and stand in solidarity against these acts of violence and intimidation.
Pressure the councilmembers (especially the white ones!) to not just give another statement denouncing white supremacy and these acts of violence, but to really outline and commit to concrete actions that will create safer communities for us all.
(read the full action and INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PARTICIPATE – go here. Written comments may be submitted up until 4:00 pm today.

Monday 10/19 – Thursday 10/22: OJAI- Ojai Day Mandala – 2020 – Libbey Park Fountain (5:00 pm)
Voter Guide: We adding an article from the LA Times ( on Proposition 19. This is one of the issues where our side seems evenly split, with more Democratic clubs and labor on the “YES” side and groups including the League of Women Voters, ACLU and others urging “NO.” Jeanne Radsick, president of the CA Association of Realtors stated: “It is not about making money for the Realtors, for crying out loud. It’s about tax fairness for people who need help.” Considering that her group donated $41 MILLION DOLLARS, apparently from the goodness of their hearts, along with almost $5 million from the National Assoc. of Realtors, the chief non-realtor beneficiaries of this bill – older homeowners who’ve benefitted mightily from Prop. 13, should be sending her group thank-you notes. Anyway, if you’re working your way through this mine field of propositions, it’s worth reading.

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