Last Night’s Debacle

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-Publisher’s Note-

Good morning! Guess what – I’m a writer, and I’m at a loss for words.

My wife and I watched the entire presidential debate last night. And if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, I’m not sure I can find the words to describe it.

Debacle. Trainwreck. Brain-destroying. Depressing.

One commentator actually called it, on live television, a “shitshow.”

With Trump constantly, continually interrupting, talking over Biden, lying about everything, arguing with moderator Wallace, and generally being an arrogant ass, this was no debate. It was two hours of watching Trump be a combination of a petulant two-year-old who hadn’t had a nap; a middle-school bully; a serial liar; and every man-splainer you’ve ever known.

Multiple commenters in one online forum compared him to “my father when he was drunk.”

And when it was over, my wife had an insightful description: “It was like spending two hours with a dysfunctional family at a Thanksgiving dinner.”

And note this: If anyone, anywhere, including all the media, try to “both sides” this, they are wrong and should be ignored. Biden got off a few shots of his own, but the trainwreck was Trump alone.

Sorry this has run long (guess I’m not as much at a loss as I thought), but even the day after, I am still despondent after watching that. Consider: children saw that. People around the world saw it. Our allies saw it. Our enemies saw it.

We have to vote Trump out. We simply have to.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s 5 Things To Know

Trump steamrolls moderator Chris Wallace in horrifying mess of a debate

Trump came in planning to do nothing but try to drag Joe Biden down to his level and turn everyone off of voting at all, and he worked harder at it than he’s worked at anything in the last four years. (Forward Kentucky)

Trump’s jarring white supremacist moment launches an online furor

In a night marked by constant interruptions and blatant fact-fudging, it was a moment that sparked a separate online melee.

Moderator Chris Wallace gave President Donald Trump an uninterrupted opportunity to condemn the nation’s biggest domestic terrorist groups: white supremacists. Instead, Trump said they should “stand back and stand by,” specifically mentioning the Proud Boys. What’s more, he said, the violence in cities like Kenosha and Portland is a “left-wing problem, not a right-wing problem.” (Politico)

Related: CNN commentator boils debate down to three simple (closely related) points – Van Jones reacts to the president refusing to condemn white supremacy. (Daily Kos)

9/29 update — Second highest day of cases; Beshear urges mask wearing, asks schools not to take fall breaks

“We need you to wear a facial covering; 1,018 cases ought to be a wake-up call,” Gov. Beshear said at his daily briefing. “We can’t let this thing get out of control again because maybe we’re tired.” (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie votes against resolution affirming peaceful transition of power

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie voted Tuesday night against a House resolution to reaffirm the chamber’s commitment to a peaceful transition of power called for in the Constitution. Massie was one of five Republican representatives to vote “nay” on the resolution, which states the House “intends that there should be no disruptions by the President of any person in power to overturn the will of the people of the United States.”

The resolution passed 397-5. The Senate unanimously passed a similar resolution last week. Both resolutions come after President Donald Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transition if he loses the election. (Courier-Journal)

Should we be concerned about the QAnon conspiracy theory?

What does this fringe conspiracy theory have in common with Nazi propaganda, Pixar’s movie “Monsters Inc.,” a Hezbollah television show, and HAMAS? Probably more than you’d think. (Forward Kentucky)

For four years, Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa have been sounding the alarm about Donald Trump, first in their writing and then in their podcast “Gaslit Nation.” Join as we talk with them about the threat Trump poses to our democracy, how they know, and what we can do about it.
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Today (9/30) – Demand Safe Schools Rally and Caravan (Info)
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