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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Are you exhausted, mentally and emotionally? I am.

This has been a tough week: the death of RBG, the Breonna Taylor decision, the protests, the ongoing pandemic, the ongoing Trump chaos. Add to that the prospect of another uber-conservative Supreme Court justice, the tension of the election, and the collapsing economy, and you’ve got more than enough to fill your plate.

But as I reflect on all this, I keep going back in my mind to those who came before – especially, those who fought for civil rights and human rights. I think of MLK, and the Bradens, and many others, all of whom faced not only the challenges of their times, but even threats of imprisonment and death.

It seems to me that when faced with times and circumstances like these, we have three choices:Decide to just ignore it – stop reading, stop watching, and disengage.Decide to give up – assume it’s hopeless and accept defeat.Decide to keep fighting – take the long, long view, and realize that hundreds of individual acts can eventually cause change to happen.I choose door number 3. As tired of all this as I am, I also know that I have faced nothing like those forerunners did. And I know that in the face of seemingly impossible odds, they kept their eyes on the goal and kept going.

Let me be clear: “Keeping going” doesn’t mean that you don’t take time to recover. I’m taking a road trip this afternoon to look for pumpkins to put on the porch. For some hours, I will be focused on nature and human relationships, breathing deep into both.

But tomorrow, I’ll be back to work on Forward Kentucky, trying to make a difference, trying to use the voice I’ve been given. That’s what we’ve all been called to do – leave it better than you found it.

So breathe when you need to. Take a break when you need to. Do what it takes to rejuvenate your body and your soul.

Then come back out fighting to make a difference. That’s how we will change things, together.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

9/24 update – Cases at colleges vex efforts to reopen schools

Increasing cases at colleges can pose a real challenge for K-12 schools because the guidance for in-person learning is directly connected to the incidence rate in their communities, including those colleges. (Forward Kentucky)

Rep. Scott, her daughter, and leading activist arrested

As protests continued Thursday night in Louisville, police made a number of arrests. Among those arrested were state Rep. Attica Scott, her daughter Ashanti Scott, and Shameka Parrish-Wright, local activist and one of the primary leaders of the protests.

All three were charged with first-degree rioting, a Class D felony – the same level of felony the one officer was charged with by the Breonna Taylor grand jury.

According to the Courier-Journal: At about Louisville’s 9 p.m. curfew, someone broke a window at the library and threw a flare into the building, Courier Journal reporter Sarah Ladd said. Shouse said neither Parrish-Wright nor Scott had anything to do damaging the library. “The allegations are outrageous on their face,” said Ted Shouse, Parrish-Wright’s lawyer. (Courier-Journal)

Related: Protesters sought refuge at downtown Louisville church to avoid curfew arrests

As the clock struck 9 p.m. Thursday, marking the city’s curfew, about 100 protesters marched up to a Louisville Unitarian church, seeking refuge for a second night. What ensued was a two-hour standoff, with lines of police officers in riot gear and protesters on the church lawn, which finally ended when a deal was brokered allowing demonstrators back on to the city streets and to their cars.

Church leaders have offered the space to protesters seeking to avoid arrest for being on the street after the city’s 9 p.m. curfew. (Courier-Journal)

Amy McGrath calls on Daniel Cameron to release grand jury report in Breonna Taylor case

McGrath joins several Democratic Kentucky politicians in calling on Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron to release at least some of the grand jury’s findings. (Courier-Journal)

KY Attorney General’s office will not release Taylor case evidence at this time

On Wednesday Governor Andy Beshear requested that all the facts available in the Breonna Taylor Case that don’t impact the Grand Jury felony indictments against former LMPD Officer Brett Hankison be posted on-line. Beshear said, “I believe the public deserves this information.” The Attorney General’s office said that would compromise the case.

Cameron’s Communication Director Elizabeth Kuhn sent us the following response: “We appreciate Governor Beshear’s team providing assistance to our office and the Commonwealth over the last few days in preparation for yesterday’s announcement.  However, releasing that information now would compromise the federal investigation and violate a prosecutor’s ethical duties.” (WUKY)

SCOKY says historical horse racing isn’t pari-mutuel wagering

The Supreme Court of Kentucky issued an opinion where they unanimously agreed that historical horse racing is not pari-mutuel wagering and is therefore illegal under state law, concluding a decade-long battle. (Forward Kentucky)

Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

Saturday (9/26) – KFTC Fall Gathering, Session 2(Info)
Saturday (9/26) – Forum for House District 13 Candidates (Glenn/Johnson) (Info)
Tuesday (9/29) – Forum for House District 33 Candidates (Nemes/Plattner) (Info)
Tuesday (9/29) – Planned Parenthood Texting Tuesdays (info)
Tuesday (9/29) – Virtual Reception w/ Gov. Beshear, James Taylor, & Yo-Yo Ma (Info)
Wednesday (9/30) – Demand Safe Schools Rally and Caravan (Info)
Saturday (10/3) – KFTC Fall Gathering, Session 3 (info)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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 – “There’s only so much you can say. The fact that we have to … literally beg people to wear a mask, to save their own dumb ass from getting sick – I’m sorry, to me it is beyond the imagination.” (Commentary)

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[new] Fact check: FB post claims Obama administration passed NO prison reform, NO police reform, or any other reforms for that matter – Let’s look back at the Obama administration’s policing and prison-related efforts. Obama was in office from 2009-2017. (Fact Check)

[new] The Breonna Taylor grand jury decision home page – This post is the home page for the Forward Kentucky coverage of the Breonna Taylor decision. (News)

9/23 update – Beshear implores protesters to wear masks; Dr. Anthony Fauci rebukes Sen. Rand Paul – Gov. Beshear gave a brief coronavirus update at the end of his press conference. The bulk of it was devoted to discussing the Breonna Taylor decision. Video is included. (News)

McGrath statement on upcoming Breonna Taylor announcement – Amy McGrath released a statement in anticipation of the announcement of the grand jury findings in the Breonna Taylor case. (Press Release)

9/22 update — Beshear asks coaches to put student health first, urges schools in ‘red zones’ to follow guidance – With some schools already having to cancel games due to positive cases, Gov. Beshear urged coaches and parents to put the health of their student-athletes as their top priority. (News)

The Paducah caravan of McConnell – an eyewitness account – Thirty cars and their occupants protested outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s office in Paducah as part of Moral Monday. Berry Craig was there and shares this eye-witness account. (News)

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