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POLITICAL APPOINTEES CHANGING COVID NARRATIVE:  Despite what Trump says, the COVID cases/deaths continue to rise.  Late Friday evening, “reporter Dan Diamond posted another blockbuster story in Politico. Political appointees at the Department of Health and Human Services have been altering the weekly scientific reports issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) following the course of the coronavirus pandemic. They believe the reports are undermining Trump’s cheery pronouncements about the disease, and claim there is a “deep state” at the CDC determined to hurt the president.”’s reach out to our MoCs and demand an investigation.  Our interest is in public health and we know it is being compromised by these people who are loyal to Trump, but not the country.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATON SIPHONING MONEY FROM 9/11 FIREFIGHTERS FUND:  The day before the 9/11 anniversary, we learned that “The Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from 9/11 related illnesses . . . Congress created a temporary health program in 2010, with the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. The program was extended by 75 years in Dec. 2015, after sick and dying 9/11 workers made hundreds of trips to the Capitol pleading their cause.” When Congress passed this, they had clear intentions where the monies should go.  Let’s tell our MoCs to put pressure on the Treasury Dept. to give that money back where it rightfully belongs.

MORE COVID RELIEF NEEDED:  With The Heroes Act (H.R. 6800) passed months ago, the Senate is still sitting on its hands for then needed COVID relief.  Instead of taking up the Heroes Act, they have unsuccessfully tried to come up with their own bill.  Their bill, however, did not provide the kind of help needed.  American families, as well as individual states, are hurting during this global pandemic which has gone on since the beginning of the year.  Most Americans used the funds from the earlier CARES Act on rent, utilities, and food, that need still exists.  and’s tell our Senators that we are done waiting and want them to vote on the Heroes Act.

OSHA FAILS MEATPACKERS:  Thanks to the media, we have known since March or April about the appalling conditions in US meatpacking plants; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has now, six months later, fined two plants for a total of $29,000 for 3 violations —one a Smithfield plant, the other a JBS plant.  Smithfield’s revenue last year approached $14 billion; JBS, the largest meatpacker in the world, had revenue of $51.7 billion.  42,534 meatpacking workers have tested positive for the coronavirus in 494 meat plants, and at least 203 meatpacking workers have died since March:  These two are the only plants to receive either citation or fine, despite nearly 10,000 COVID 19-related requests for investigation by OSHA from workplaces in all industries since March: and  Some think politics at play in OSHA’s sudden action, such as it is.  Let’s tell the Labor department, which houses OSHA, what we think of this paltry penalty for putting the lives of thousands of workers at risk: 202-693-1999 or U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20210

PROTECT THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE:  The Post Office is still suffering and 56% of believe that the current Postmaster, DeJoy should be removed from office.’s  1) contact our US senators to support the Delivering for America Act (S. 4527), which would prohibit DeJoy, from changing the level of Postal Service delivery standards that existed on 1/1/2020 during the COVID public health emergency through at least 1/1/2021 or longer if the public health emergency is extended.  The bill also includes $25 billion in funding to the USPS and a requirement that USPS give first-class status to election mailings.  2) Please encourage your members of Congress to consider impeachment. 

TRACK THE REGULATIONS TRACKERS:Track the Trackers is a list of different websites tracking deregulation in the era of the Trump administration. Of Federal sites, their regulatory agenda which lists “regulatory reform” and what stage the revision is at – notice, proposed rule, rule, or not published yet. Individual federal agencies also often, though not always, post proposed regulations and/or actions on their website.  Let’s check this out and see where we can help:

POSTCARDING OPPORTUNITIES:  From one of our own:  Let’s share:



“THE LAST WEEKENDS”: “The Last Weekends” is a program of Swing Left to mobilize volunteers to get out the vote in the final weekends leading up to the November 3rd election. Here’s a video about it:’s do more than vote. Let’s volunteer, too!

JOIN GOTV PHONE-BANK TO VOTERS OF COLOR IN VOTER SURPRESSION STATES: Reclaim Our Vote is phone banking to voters of color in voter suppression states, urging them to vote. Their data shows that 60-80% of those contacted, in person or by voicemails, will go on to vote. The calls are non-partisan, and our timing can be flexible, making as few or as many calls as we like between 9AM and 9PM in the states we call. We can click here to sign up for a one-hour training, offered every Monday at 7:30PM ET, then get ready to turn out the vote:

POSTCARDS TO THE NAVAJO HOPI NATION IN AZ FOR VOTING: “The Navajo Hopi Organizing Campaign needs help getting out the vote on sovereign lands in Arizona. Our team is working at capacity to phonebank, register voters, text voters, and drop literature. We are asking you to help us build capacity by writing postcards to voters for whom we don’t have a current phone number in their voter files. Voters on the Navajo, Hopi, San Carlos Apache and White Mountain Apache Nations could be the margin of victory for Democrats this election in Arizona”.  Let’s check this out and sign up:

HOW TO HELP GET COLLEGE STUDENTS TO VOTE:  College student voting can be tricky, but now there is help:’s get the college students we know to sign up for voting information, reminders and ways to get involved:

WRITE GOTV POSTCARDS TO FLORIDA LATINX VOTERS: Trump is far too successful in courting the Latinx vote in Florida. A recent  NBC News/Marist poll, released on Sept. 8 shows Trump with 50% of Latinx support  over Biden’s 46%: We need every vote we can get, especially in Florida. Fortunately, Broward For Progress  has a way for us to fight back. We can email  to get started writing postcards, reaching out to Latinx voters in Broward county, Florida to get the vote out for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


POSTCARDS TO VOTERS. Two (2) campaigns are currently available for us to volunteer: 1) Campaign 207: Amy McGrath for Senate – Kentucky (#DitchMitch); 2) Campaign 208: Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress -Colorado’s 3rd district. Let’s request 5 addresses today to help complete these important campaigns.

POSTCARDING FOR JAIME HARRISON:  Send Lindsay Graham packing! Let’s write postcards to voters in South Carolina with Grandmothers for a Brighter Future/Grandmothers in Action. We can order addresses and templates here:

PHONE BANKING FOR BIDEN/HARRIS:  Grassroot Democrats HQ has coordinated phone banking for Biden/Harris.  We can register here:



DONATE STRATEGICALLY: “Partnering with a sophisticated donor advisor, Flip the Vote’s data analysis identifies opportunities where Democratic donations will have the greatest impact on the November election and beyond. Our recommendations focus on organizations doing rigorous, targeted voter registration and engagement as well as vote-by-mail assistance.” Let’s help them get out the word and donate to the specific initiatives they highlight here, if we can:

STATE-BY-STATE HOW TO VOTE GUIDE: Questions about voting by mail, voter ID, voter registration deadlines, and more? FiveThirtyEight has prepared a guide for every state. Let’s consult it and share:

ADVANCE VOTING GUIDE. Associated Press (AP) has put together a useful tool for us to find the facts about voting early, by mail or absentee in our states. Let’s make sure we know the rules for our own states:



VOTING IS POWER UNLEASHED!  A MORAL MONDAY MASS ASSEMBLY:  “Let’s join The Poor People’s Campaignon Monday, September. 14 at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT for an evening that will bring together thousands of poor and low-income people and their allies as we share tools and teach-in on voter engagement, registration and protection, and announce our upcoming activities this election season.”  We can sign up here:

FREE VIRTUAL RELATIONAL ORGANIZING VOTER OUTREACH TRAINING ON TUESDAY:  The most important part of campaigning is connecting with voters, but how we can do that when the pandemic stops us from meeting in person? The National Democratic Training Committee(NDTC)  is here to help with a free virtual training  this Tuesday, September 15 from 8-9pm ET. “How Relational Organizing Can Help Your Campaign.” Whether we’re running for office, working on a campaign, or building our  local party’s or organization’s infrastructure, we can learn to understand  the impact of relational organizing, recognize  key components to build a program, and evaluate a value based conversation flow.We can click here to learn more and sign up for a free virtual Relational Organizing training

PERSEVERENCE WEBINAR: “When you are engaged in creating change…

  • Is it depleting or exhausting?
  • Does it increase cynical feelings or hopelessness?
  • Do your stress levels rise more than a few hours?

If any of your answers are yes, this is a sign that you’re approaching a breaking point.  The solution isn’t to abandon the project of justice and equality.”  We can sustain action without burnout.  Let’s join Jen Hofmann, of Americans of Conscience Checklist, in a series of four 45-minute calls starting on Wednesday, September 16  to “explore tools and strategies that help you find inspiration and get back on the path when things are overwhelming.”  Let’s learn more and sign up:


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The USPS is accused of ‘confusing’ voters by mailing all Americans ‘postcards with misinformation’ about voting–

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Write-Ups for 9/14/20

  • Consumer Protections and Workplace Rights
  • Some Good News

Read more here—

We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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