Trying to connect with ethnic minority voters? Find the right influencer with this free app

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Work with influencers trusted by a community in your outreach to minority groups. Ethnic Media Services promotes cross cultural communications through their network hundreds of journalists, editors and broadcasters. A free new app makes it easy to find the right influencer to work with.

Ethnic Groups in America

Different ethnic groups are part of the fabric of America but are often hard to reach. They form key voting blocs when concentrated and are worth targeting. According to the U.S. Census they comprise:
Non-Hispanic white 63.4%
Hispanic and Latino (of any race) 15.3%
Black or African American 13.4%
Asian 5.9%
Native Americans and Alaska Natives 1.3%
Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders 0.2%
Two or more races 2.7%

Ethnic Media Services

“Ethnic media exploded with growth over the last 40 years, paralleling an unprecedented influx of immigrants from all over the world. By 2009, an estimated 60 million American adults relied on some form of ethnic media — print, online, TV, radio — for news, information and entertainment. In California, over half the state’s new majority of ethnic minorities named an ethnic news source they referenced regularly or occasionally.

Mainstream media have imagined ethnic media as insular and parochial. What if it’s the other way around? As climate change results in global migration tripling over the next 30 years, the media-serving diaspora populations could become the new mainstream.” – EMS

Find an influencer to reach ethnic minority communities with this free app and data from Ethnic Media Services.
Ethnic Media Services mobile app

The minority voter

“The 2020 election will mark the first time that Hispanics will be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate, accounting for just over 13% of eligible voters – slightly more than blacks. This change reflects the gradual but continuous growth in the Hispanic share of eligible voters, up from 9% in the 2008 presidential election and 7% in the 2000 election. The black eligible voter population has grown about as fast as the electorate overall, meaning their share has held constant at about 12% since 2000.

This strong growth among minority populations means that a third of eligible voters will be nonwhite in 2020, up from about a quarter in 2000. This increase is at least partially linked to immigration and naturalization patterns: One-in-ten eligible voters in the 2020 election will have been born outside the U.S., the highest share since at least 1970.” – Pew Research

Map of ethnic percentages by county

Map of ethnic group concentrations by county in America.
Ethnic groups by county

Takeaway: Find the right ethnic media influencers with the free EMS app.


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