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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! It’s a somewhat slow news day, which is normal for a holiday weekend. (Except for Friday news dumps, which we should watch for tomorrow.)

What doesn’t slow down is the virus. It continues to spread across the state. And the holiday weekend may make it even worse.

So, as we all look forward to watching the Oaks and Derby, and perhaps having Derby and Labor Day get-togethers, let’s remember that the virus is attending as well. Small groups, masks, social distance, and washing hands a lot (especially if we are sharing food) – let’s do all the things we know to do.

Let’s get through this holiday weekend together – safely.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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This Friday on “The State of Kentucky”

Cara Stewart is one of those many people who have taken their passion for public service and making a difference, and turned it into a career. Join us Friday at noon to learn more about her varied experiences, including working at Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, Kentucky Equal Justice Center, KY Voices for Health – and even in the Legislature!
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Today (9/3) – McGrath in Breckinridge County, Hopkinsville

  • Noon – Breckinridge County Airport – 799 Oak Street
  • 5:00 PM – Tommy Gates Pavilion, Tie Breaker Park – 9501 Eagle Way, Hopkinsville

Tonight (9/3) – “Just Vote: The Sequel”

  • Online event with Sec. of State Michael Adams & Franklin Co. clerk Jeff Hancock
  • 6:30 PM (EDT), Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020
  • Online meeting; Zoom Meeting ID: 897 7093 3977, passcode: 8mJ7vx (no pre-registration required)
  • Sponsored by Together Frankfort. Learn more about absentee voting and procedures for voting in person in the November 3  General Election.

9/2 update — Over 800 new cases for second day; Beshear says Ky. is in a ‘dangerous place’ as another holiday weekend approaches

The state reported 18 deaths from COVID-19, a near record. And the share of Kentuckians testing positive for the virus also went in the wrong direction. (Forward Kentucky)

Critics say KY Utilities clean-up plan for polluted lake is inadequate

In 2017, the Sierra Club and Kentucky Waterways Alliance filed a lawsuit against Kentucky Utilities, which operates the power plant producing the coal ash, arguing that it violated federal regulations for storing toxic waste. Lauren Piette, an associate attorney with Earthjustice, said the lawsuit is pending, but based on scientific evidence of groundwater pollution, the Kentucky Cabinet of Energy and the Environment required the utility to develop a corrective action plan.

“Unfortunately, from our perspective,” she said, “the corrective action plan didn’t really require Kentucky Utilities to do anything more than conduct a few years of studies on the pollution that we already knew was in the lake.” (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky’s new election finance reporting system plagued with more delays

Kentucky law now mandates all political candidates and committees to file finance reports electronically, but online bugs have marred the effort. (Courier-Journal)

Joe Biden says police officers who shot Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake should be charged

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday the police officers who shot Jacob Blake in Wisconsin and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky should be criminally charged. Biden was asked Wednesday, in advance of his trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, whether he agreed with his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, who advocated charges for the officers who shot Blake in Kenosha and Taylor in Louisville.

“I think we should let the judicial system work its way. I do think there’s a minimum need to be charged, the officers,” Biden said, referring to Blake’s shooting, “And as well as with Breonna Taylor.” (Courier-Journal)

Myths about Democrats: Debunked by a former Republican

Some of you have heard my story of being one of the first former Trump supporters to denounce Trump after a life-changing dialogue. It took changing my worldview on liberal values, Democratic officials, and marginalized people before seeing the con of Trump. I am going to explain some of the lies that the Republican Party, Trump, and right-wing pundits tell their supporters. (Forward Kentucky)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] McGrath is ‘the one that’s going to support organized labor’ – Union retiree Benny Heady summed up the US Senate contest in a single sentence: “We need to vote for Amy because she’s the one that’s going to support organized labor.” (Commentary)

[new] Sometimes, I just don’t understand people. – This is what we are dealing with in this country – two entirely separate realities. It’s no wonder we can’t agree on things; we don’t even agree about the facts. (PubBlog)

9/1 update — Beshear voices worry about increased coronavirus cases in kids – Cases in children and teens are rising across the country. Beshear also urged people to wear masks and take precautions during the upcoming Labor Day weekend. (News)

Secretary of state, breweries work together on recruiting poll workers – Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams has come up with a creative way to recruit poll workers for the general election in November: advertise on beer cans. (News)

McGrath & Chapman in Paducah – “Workers are the creators of wealth.” – Amy McGrath on Mitch McConnell, speaking in Paducah: “We’ve got to have leaders in Washington who support workers, and not just the one percent and the special interests.” (News, Photos)

Here’s what Republicans and communists have in common. – If we can turn back Trumpism in this election, perhaps we can begin the discussion about what sort of nation we really want to be. And that discussion should include democratic socialism. (Commentary)

Once again, Dems will have to fix the federal budget – For decades, Republicans have bragged that they are the party of “fiscal responsibility.” Anyone with the ability to understand basic math, and read charts, knows that is not true. (Commentary, Policy)

McGrath responds to The Cynic’s speech at the RNC – Amy McGrath has conceded that Mitch McConnell is at least consistent. She called his video speech at the Trump National Convention “the same old tired stuff he’s been saying for 36 years.” (Commentary)

Maddow corrects litany of falsehoods in Trump’s marathon RNC speech – After Donald Trump’s exceptionally lengthy acceptance speech to conclude the RNC, Rachel Maddow runs through a list of some of the falsehoods and inaccuracies the speech contained. (News)

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