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Hi everyone. From peripheral accounts, the first two nights of the RNC did not disappoint their intended audience, which is frankly terrifying. The lies told were so egregious that progressive groups are urging TV networks to delay parts of their broadcast until they can be fact-checked. (

Justice for Jacob Blake

We’ve added a number of actions for helping Jacob Blake and his family.

Last Sunday, America witnessed the brutal police shooting of an unarmed black man in the back, in Kenosha, WI., this time while the his three young sons watched in horror. Jacob Blake’s peaceful outing with his family ended with him in a hospital in critical condition. Kenosha has now seen two days of protesting, and protests have been held other cities across the country. News has just broken that Mr. Blake is currently paralyzed from the waist down. While the “Blue Lives Matter” people are working out how to spin this atrocity (here’s an awesome shutdown to that nonsense), here’s what we can do.

  • Call local officials to demand the police officers are held accountable:
    • Kenosha District Attorney Michael D. Graveley (262) 653-2400
    • Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian& City Administration 262-653-4000
    • Kenosha Police Non Emergency Line 262-656-1234
    • Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul  (608) 266-1221
    • WI Governor Tony Evers – (Madison) (608) 266-1212, (Milwaukee) (414) 227-4344
  • Tweet:
    • @KenoshaPolice
    • @WisDOJ
    • @GovEvers
  • Donate:
    • Justice for Jacob Blake: GoFundme created by his family for medical bills and legal representation.
    • Milwaukee Freedom Fund, which is extending support to protestors in Kenosha:
    • Black Lives Matter here.
  • Petitions here:
    • to Gov. Tony Evers, WI Dept. of Justice, Kenosha Police Dept.
    • colorofchange to Mayor John Antaramian, District Attorney Michael D. Graveley, and Attorney General Josh Kaul,
  • Email here:, or use this autofiller:
  • (From Rise) My name is [insert your name here] and I am contacting you because I demand that charges be pressed against the officers that shot Jacob Blake. They should all be fired, with their pensions revoked, and should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I demand that the Kenosha Police Department provide Jacob Blake and his family with restitution. I demand that the Kenosha District Attorney, Mayor, and Chief of Police take action to prevent heinous crimes like this from happening in the future and provide more support for community efforts and organizations that work to prevent police brutality and violence. Sincerely, [insert your name here.] 

This Sunday, August 30, will be the one-year anniversary of Elijah McClain’s death, (he was attacked by police 6 days earlier). We are reminded at how quickly time passes in this overwhelming circus of corruption and violence we call the Trump Administration, and how many other peaceful people have been murdered by police since he died.

Elie Wiesel said “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness. For not only are we responsible for the memories of the dead, we are also responsible for what we are doing with those memories.”

In Elijah’s name, in Breonna’s name, do something to make a difference for Jacob Blake.

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