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Good morning! We’ve got an article up today about Amy McGrath’s policy platform, which she just released, and which she is now promoting across the state by flying herself and staff from place to place.

I have to say, for any of us who were complaining that she was Republican Lite, too moderate, not progressive enough – go read the platform document.

It is a strong document, with good policy proposals across a broad range of topics. It addresses the needs of Kentuckians, and does so in a way that is specific to Kentucky, such as passing the Reclaim Act.

Let’s be clear – you don’t win elections on policy. (As much as us policy wonks would prefer otherwise.) You win elections on ideas, emotions, and story. And I’m not sure “Leaders don’t leave” is a line that is going to resonate enough to get people to #DitchMitch.

But if McGrath gets elected, and helps get half, or even a fourth, of what’s in that document passed, then she will have done more for Kentucky in her first term than McConnell — or the state legislature — have done in the past ten years.

As I said, go read the document. Then let’s see if we can help her pull off the big upset.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

8/20 update – High schools stick to football plans, but Beshear could still blow the whistleGov. Beshear said he would review the KHSAA plan before deciding. Also, he spent some time addressing the “pandemic politics” that are growing across the state. (Forward Kentucky)

McGrath releases “Mission: Rebuilding Kentucky” platform, will tour state to talk with voters platform contains five major goals, with action steps under each. We’ve got a summary, as well as the money quotes from the introduction. (Forward Kentucky)

 A group of senior citizens host sit-in for Breonna Taylor on AG Daniel Cameron’s lawn. Police charged seven senior citizens with criminal trespassing and arrested one of them during a Thursday morning sit-in on the front lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s Louisville home. The seniors were hosting the sit-in to demand justice for Breonna Taylor when a number of police officers responded to the scene

Dotti Lockhart, 78, said the seniors arrived at 10 a.m. and had committed to staying for an hour in honor of Taylor, the 26-year-old Black woman fatally shot by Louisville police in March. Just before 10:50 a.m., police approached protesters sitting on Cameron’s lawn in chairs and handed them citations.

John Mills, deputy chief for the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department, confirmed six people received citations for criminal trespassing and moved off of the lawn. The seventh person “decided they wanted to be arrested,” he said. (Courier-Journal)

Kentucky election board finalizes approval of bipartisan voting plan. The bipartisan voting plan for Kentucky’s general election agreed to by Gov. Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Michael Adams last week received final approval on Thursday, allowing a broad excuse to vote by mail and three weeks of early in-person voting. The Kentucky State Board of Elections voted 7-1 to approve 24 pages of emergency regulations detailing how the November election would be administered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Courier-Journal)

Under the new voting rules, any registered voter concerned about contracting COVID-19 by casting a ballot in person can request an absentee ballot through the state’s online portal and submit it through the mail or in designated drop-off boxes in their home county. Voters may also vote early and in-person in the three weeks leading up to Election Day on Nov. 3, including on Saturdays. (Courier-Journal)

Legislators warned, ‘Eviction explosion coming’The Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary met on Thursday morning to hear from different entities across the state on COVID-19’s impact on evictions. Ben Carter, senior litigation and advocacy counsel for the Kentucky Equal Justice Center, began the discussion by warning legislators, “An eviction explosion is coming.” (KLC City Limit)

Will you be one of the 100?

Forward Kentucky is asking its readers to volunteer to become poll workers for the first time. Our goal is 100 new poll workers from our readership. You can volunteer at If you volunteer to be a new poll worker, let us know so we can add you to our list. Let’s show our civic values by helping the election run smoothly!

Update: Added two more yesterday. How about you?

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Recent Content on Forward Kentucky
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[new] Debate letters between McConnell and McGrath – The campaigns of Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath exchanged letters (publicly) about debates between the two of them. Here are the two letters. (News)

[new] Postmaster General appears to cave – but we must remain vigilant – We must stand firm until the United States Postal Service is restored to its rightful place: Serving the American people and ensuring ballots are delivered in time to be counted. (Commentary)

8/19 update – As cases rise among young people, state will report how many there are at universities – Gov. Beshear announced Wednesday that colleges and universities will be required to report coronavirus cases on campus just as other schools in Kentucky, and the state will publish the numbers. (News)

Beshear says Ky. opts in on plan to give $400 per week to unemployed – Gov. Beshear announced that the state of Kentucky will apply Thursday for the FEMA Lost Wages Assistance Program, which would provide an additional $400 per week for those who are unemployed. (News)

Dear Repubs – YOU made it political – Kentucky Republicans are accusing Governor Beshear of making the pandemic “political.” Guess what, folks – that’s called “projection.” Especially when you look at the recent actions of those same Repubs. (Commentary)

Unfinished Business — the right to vote for all – With our democracy facing its gravest threat, activist women are again battling to ensure fair elections for ALL. Let us join with them in that work. We have Unfinished Business and lots of work to do! (Commentary)

VoteDotGOP is a scam — don’t click it – Have you gotten a text message about voting from home? Did it link to Read this story to see why you shouldn’t click that link. (News Analysis)

The Trump cult goes shopping – I never saw a Bush, McCain, or Romney souvenir trailer come to Mayfield, my deep western Kentucky hometown. But the proprietor of a Trump trailer has been doing a land office business. (Commentary)

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