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Volume 2, Issue 10 – May 16, 2020


Thank you, #MOLEG!

The 2020 Legislative Session ended yesterday with both heartbreak and joy. We’re thankful for what our Democratic caucus was able to both block and pass and send to the Governor’s desk for his signature:

  • Passed a provision aimed to provide COVID-19 testing at no cost out-of-pocket for anyone whose doctor recommends testing.
  • Passed an expansion of absentee voting which eliminates the excuse and notary requirements for voters 65+ or high-risk. All voters will now be able to request their absentee ballots online instead of only by mail
  • Blocked a provision to strengthen Voter ID measures, to the disappointment of SOS Jay Ashcroft.
  • Passed the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights sponsored by Sen. Jill Schupp, which requires all hospitals to provide rape kits and prohibits victims from being charged for rape kit testing.
  • Blocked a dangerous new “Guns Everywhere” bill from making it into law.

Meanwhile, the Republican majority:

  • Refused to take up any further discussion of COVID-19 relief for families and small businesses.
  • Voted to send Clean Missouri back to the ballot in November in hopes of getting a second chance at keeping gerrymandered districts in place.
  • Blocked the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program so that Missouri remains the only state in the union to not utilize this tool to combat opioid addiction.
  • Passed a crime bill that will increase prison sentences and the number of Missourians incarcerated in the first place.
  • Refused to give frontline food, grocery, and pharmacy workers temporary hazardous workplace protections, PPE, and free childcare services.
  • Legalized brass knuckles.

The Republicans in the Missouri legislature are more extreme than ever – THANK YOU to the Democrats in the General Assembly who work tirelessly to keep the GOP’s dangerous antics at bay AND push legislation that improves the lives of people all across the state.

Want to help end this extremism in Missouri? Get a new voter registered and let’s #VoteThemOut!

Thank You for Your Service

We wish to extend a very special thanks to the following legislators who have termed out of their chambers:

Rep. John Carpenter, HD-15

Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, HD-86

Rep. Gina Mitten, HD-83

Rep. Judy Morgan, HD-24

Rep. Joe Runions, HD-37

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, SD-05

Sen. Scott Sifton, SD-01

Sen. Gina Walsh, SD-13

Missouri Democrats Launch Statewide Coordinated Campaign 

We are staffing up and officially launching “Show Me Change” – Missouri’s statewide coordinated campaign dedicated to electing Democrats up and down the ticket from Nicole Galloway and Jill Schupp as our next Governor and Congresswoman to flipping House and Senate seats in suburbs across the state. Check us out and offer your support here!

Get ready for State Convention & National Convention!

We’re holding Missouri’s 2020 Democratic State Convention virtually with a live, digital Welcome Night event on Friday, June 12th and the full meetings and caucuses on June 13th. Voting will occur both online and by mail until June 19th. We’ll be joined by several guest speakers, candidates, and elected officials!

As of right now, the Democratic National Convention is planned to go forward in-person in Milwaukee the week of August 17th, but importantly, all delegates will be able to vote even if they are not physically present. Sign up to stay informed on state and national convention news!

How to Vote Absentee in the June 2nd Municipal Elections

It’s no secret that voters have to maneuver an obstacle course to vote absentee in this state and that’s just how our Republican leaders like it. But we’re here to help simplify the process for you. Here’s what you need to vote absentee in our upcoming June 2nd municipal elections:

  • Print your request form and fill it out completely. Check a reason for requesting a ballot. (If you have not voted in person before, you may be required to include a copy of a form of ID. Check out the bottom of the request form for detailed info.)
  • Mail it to your local election authority – find yours here. (Do not mail your form to the Secretary of State’s office). 
  • Your local election authority will then mail you your official ballot.
  • Read the instructions carefully and mark your ballot. 
  • Ballots must be notarized, but there is no charge to notarize ballots and banks are happy to provide this service.
  • Return it ASAP. It must be received by 7PM on Election Day to be counted.

Congratulations, you have now voted in the state of Missouri!

MDP Data Resources & VAN Help

Have questions about VAN or any data and tech needs? Check out MDP’s Data Resources page. Interested in improving the data, analytics, and technology infrastructure for Democrats in our state? Get more info and sign up here!

Missouri Democrats taking on Voter Registration Project

We’ve identified 154,000 likely Democrats in every part of this state. Visit our interactive map and click on your county. Zoom in and find your neighborhood or precinct. There may be 20 folks unregistered or there may be 200. Every $2 raised means we can mail a postage-paid, pre-filled registration form to your likely Democrat neighbor and all they have to do is sign and drop it in the mailbox. Since the forms are tracked, we have the unique ability to follow up with each individual and ensure it makes it to their election authority and they are added to the rolls. Get your neighbors registered today!

Missouri Democratic Party Partners with “It Starts Today”

Your support can go twice as far and reach all corners of the state with the Blue Missouri project, a partnership between the Missouri Democratic Party and It Starts Today. You can fund every Democratic nominee running for the Legislature and support a strong state party at the same time with a single monthly contribution. Our philosophy is to leave no Democrat behind – join us today!


  • 5/20 – Last day to request absentee ballots for June 2nd municipal elections. Print your application today. (If mailing, your application must be received by May 20th so please mail several days before! If faxing, you can do it same-day.)
  • 6/2 – Municipal Elections (in many counties and cities across the state)
  • 6/12 – Virtual State Convention “Welcome Night” 
  • 6/13 – Virtual State Convention 
  • 8/4 – Primary Election
  • 8/17 – Democratic National Convention – Milwaukee, WI 
  • 9/12 – Quarter 3 State Committee Meeting & Truman Dinner – St. Louis
  • 11/3 – Election Day!

We look forward to seeing you for State Convention on June 12th & 13th! Please stay safe, stay home as much as possible, and wear a mask in public.

Lauren Gepford
Executive Director

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The Missouri Democratic Party holds the distinction of being the oldest political party in the United States established west of the Mississippi River. For the last century, we’ve led the fight for working families. Today, we’re organizing in communities across Missouri to protect and build on our progress.

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