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Matching Funding

Indivisible National is matching any funds we collect between April 6 and May 31 up to $500.  If you were thinking about contributing toward stamps please consider donating in that fund then we can get twice as many stamps. 

We have volunteers walking many of our cards but with the increase of cards we’re sending out, the heat of summer, the virus, and those gated apartments, postage does make distribution easier. 

So far, we have received $255 since the matching began with donations as small as $5.  We had $350 already in our account so with matching we now have $860.  We plan on putting out 11,000 postcards by November.  Postcard stamps cost $0.35.  Please help up grow that match fund.

At this time our postcard work is strictly get out the vote so we do not have to do any extra filing to use our donations.  We use the donations for postage, only.   This is the link for donating

Adopt A Voter

We want to invite you to an ALL-NEW, WAY-COOL joint scheme between IRJ and D14 designed to bring out voters in a relational way. We’re calling it Adopt a Voter.

Here’s how it works:
Once again, we use our postcard program but we start with just 25 voters. The very brief message you write will tell your voters they have TWO best ways to have their voices heard: 1) voting by mail, and 2) via the 2020 Census.

The front of the postcard (attached) will tell your voters how to sign up for VBM and the Census. It will offer ways to get help, too.

Here’s where it gets interesting:
A week to two weeks after sending the postcard, you will CALL your voters to make sure they got the card and ask if there are any questions.

If we ever get to go door-to-door again, we’ll follow up with a canvass so that we can meet them!

Like what you hear? Contact us to volunteer for our pilot program and we’ll give you all the details. If this program succeeds, we’ll roll it out around the county.

To volunteer contact us at

Community Comes Together

Know someone who is hurting in these financially difficult times?  Check out these resources and share:

  • United Way Economic Relief Fund helps with bills rent and food:  1-866-211-9966
  • Jax Mutual Aid provides contact information for many aid sources in our community
  • Free food giveaway with a drive-thru pickup. No walk-ups permitted.  515 6th St W Department of Health.  Currently happening every Wednesday at 11:00-1:00 or until food runs out and every second Saturday from 9:00 -1:00 at the same place.

If you know any other sources of community assistance, particularly in District 14 which includes Riverside, Avondale, Murray Hill, Lake Shore, Argyle please share with us at

Vote By Mail Phone Calling Bank Needs You

With the corona virus threatening our health and safety, phone-banking is the key to our get out the vote work.   To sign up for calling folks to sign up for vote by mail go to

Face Masks

Martha Malone, one of our newest members, is sewing face masks.  She is doing it because they are being used and she is getting requests for more.   If you wish to help with this endeavor you can contact us at


We have now written to 3600 Democratic and non-party affiliated voters. We have two more sets of postcards to write to each of these young people. We are going to get folks out to vote. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers writing.

Clerk of the Court ?

Why is the Clerk of the Court an important office in Duval? One of the duties of the Clerk is to administer fines and fees. That includes the fines and fees of our returning citizens.

Not all Clerks are diligent about the record-keeping for returning citizens. You have probably heard about the many folks who do not know what they owe and are unable to find that information from the state or local governments.

A competent and determined Clerk of the Court will follow up on getting that information. We now have a progressive candidate for Clerk of the Court who has had experience in the needs of our returning citizens and is determined to make their complete return fair and honest.

Jimmy Midyette who worked as an ACLU lawyer on the issue of voting rights for returning citizens is running for Clerk of the Court.  He understands how important are returning citizens are and how important straightening out this fine mess is.

Sign his petition, today.  You can download and sign the petition and mail it back to him or scan and email it to him.

Jimmy For Clerk, PO Box 380002, Jacksonville, FL 32205.


 Congratulations to Donna Deegan and all her volunteers who managed an historic qualifying goal.  She is the first candidate for U.S. representative in NE Florida to qualify for the ballot by petition!

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