Call to Action- Tell AZ Legislature to pass VOTE-by-MAIL

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Voter Rights at Risk!

Republicans are always suspicious of Democrats who try to expand the number of people who might cast ballots by making it easier to vote.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs asked legislators to let counties run upcoming elections entirely by mail as officials grapple with the impact of the coronavirus.

Senate Bill 1077, sponsored by Sen. Sean Bowie (D-Phoenix), would give counties the choice of holding elections by mail if approved by the local board of supervisors and if more than 60% of voters in the county have already signed up to receive ballots by mail.

The Arizona Legislature adjourned without even looking at the bill.

Once again, Republicans refuse to do their job and uphold the rights of voters during these extraordinary times. 

There is a lot of concern that if the Senate reconvenes, it could pass some kind of voter-suppression measure. Butthe House has passed a Vote-by-Mail bill that will die if the Senate does not address it by April 15.

Our LD1 Senator Karen Fann is the only person in the state that has the power to reconvene the Senate online. The Senate must pass and support Vote by Mail.

Please call her office at 602-926-5874 

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