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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! How’s that cleaning going? We’ve been upping our game even more, wiping down anything that comes into the house, and disinfecting anything we touch after going out. And of course, not going out at all if we can help it.

Unfortunately, it seems not everyone is as serious about the pandemic. Governor Beshear was asked repeatedly in yesterday’s press conference about having even small get-togethers, and he was emphatic about not having them, even if you stay six feet apart. “You’re touching the same things, and that’s how it spreads.”

Speaking of the Gov, both he and the mayor of Lexington have made public appeals for both companies and individuals to donate any personal protective equipment (PPE) they have, including any that would normally be used in industry or construction and not health care.

And what of this year’s elections? How do you campaign if you can’t get out and meet people? Berry Craig has a profile of two campaigns and how they are doing it.

Various models are projecting that the next two weeks are going to be rough in Kentucky. So, take care of yourself. We’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

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Beshear even firmer against gatherings, including small family ones
As Christians begin their Holy Week, yesterday’s update from Governor Beshear included multiple strong warnings against gatherings of ANY size. He reported that the state had 54 new confirmed cases and 14 deaths. And, he shared information on how to donate PPE. We’ve got the summary and the video. (Forward Kentucky)

A tale of two campaigns
How do you campaign when you can’t get out and campaign? Josh Hicks and Al Cunningham both planned on winning their elections through old-fashioned, in-person campaigning. Here’s what they’re doing instead. (Forward Kentucky)

Two high school graduation requirements waived
Two provisions in state law that might have prevented some high school students from graduating this year have been waived due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, in her capacity as Secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, issued a waiver that suspends the requirement that students who plan to graduate from high school in 2020 pass a civics test as well as certain requirements for completing an early high school graduation program. (Kentucky Today)

Despite COVID-19 pandemic, McConnell campaign announces ‘record-breaking’ fundraising haul
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s money machine didn’t let a global pandemic stop it from breaking campaign cash records entering the 2020 reelection season. The McConnell campaign announced Tuesday that it raked in $7.4 million during the first quarter of the year, which is his largest haul in a three month period since coming to Washington in 1985. (Courier-Journal)

Gunfight at the Supply Chain Corral
The medical supply chain has become like something out of an improbable science fiction film, with renegade brokers and dead-of-night thievery. Here’s why. (Forward Kentucky)

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Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] A physician explains why and when to wear a mask – Now that the CDC has changed its guidance on wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s good to know the facts. A doctor lays it out for us. (read)

[new] As groceries dwindle, Kentuckians seek unemployment help in record numbers – Over the past two weeks, nearly 8% of Kentucky’s labor force — or 1 in 13 workers — has applied for unemployment benefits. (read)

[new] Beshear vetoes voter ID bill, says it would ‘create an obstacle’ to voting – Gov. Beshear on Friday vetoed a controversial bill that required people to show a photo ID before they could vote in Kentucky elections. (read)

🔥 Gov. Andy Beshear calls on 3M to release patent for N95 respirator amid pandemic – Gov. Andy Beshear wants multinational company 3M to release its patent for the N95 respirator so that more manufacturers can start making it. (read)


[new] In ‘Mitch, Please,’ Matt Jones takes on McConnell county by county by county – Linda Blackford of the Herald-Leader interviews Matt Jones about his new book, “Mitch, Please,” and about how to run as a Dem in Kentucky. (read)

🔥 [new] Dear pastors: Get over yourselves – I have spent much of my life serving in church. So with that background and insight, I have a simple message to those still holding in-person services: Stop. (read)

🔥 Sadly, we will hang separately – People’s quality of life already depends so much on their ZIP code. Now their likelihood of death will, too. (read)


🔥 A short message from Andy Beshear – All across the state, and across partisan lines, people are increasingly appreciative of Governor Beshear’s leadership during this crisis. And, other states are taking notice as well. Aaron Smith captured the Gov reminding us of a few things. (view)


[new show] TSOK for April 3: Joni Jenkins, Amy McGrath, and Becky Dutch – It’s The State of Kentucky for Friday, April 3! Our guests: Rep. Joni Jenkins to talk about the budget and about voting from cars; Amy McGrath, talking about her campaign and what she would say to progressives and others about why they should vote for her; and Dr. Becky Dutch of UK College of Medicine, explaining why it is so hard to get COVID-19 testing. Enjoy! (watch)

[podcast] One-year budget, lege update, COVID-19 response, and Col. Pamela Stevenson – Lots of ground covered in this week’s podcast, plus an interview with Col. Pamela Stevenson, which includes a neat metaphor about diversity and ice cream. (listen)


A literal Sign of the Times – Need a chuckle? Here’s a sign on a door that reflects the times we are living in, shared by a co-worker of my brother. Chuckle, then pass it on. (read)

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