Update! Our front line needs more masks, thermometers & baby monitors! Also, sign up to join the new “Gown Brigade!”

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Check out our constantly updated list of volunteer & donor opportunities here.

(Information below from Amy Towner, CEO – Health Care Foundation for Ventura County.)

MORE MASKS PLEASE!: Yesterday, we had 285 sewn masks dropped off! We are now at 1769 community-made masks! These masks are being given to healthcare workers at Ventura County Medical Center and Santa Paula Hospital!!!

(NOTE to MASK-MAKERS!: The hospital has very specific instructions for masks they can accept. Find them, along with a pattern, video and downloadable instructions here.  )

At the incident Command Meeting, our Director of Ambulatory Care, Dr. Theresa Cho requested 500 more sewn masks for drive-through clinics so we will up our new goal to 3,500 tonight. The virus will start increasing quickly now and it is a good thing every day we have new sewers…We need to reach our goal of 3,500 before the surge arrives. Please stay vigilant and continue to help. The nice part about these traditional masks is that they can be washed, and reused through repeated hospital grade laundering and autoclave sterilizations. Paired with the 3D shields student volunteers are making, this duo from the community is great protection compared to no protection in the event PPE runs out.

This morning hospital leadership stated that according to other regions ahead of us, it is not if we will need alternative PPE, it is how much. We are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst with your help.  Questions?: Email Amy

Donations as of 3/31/20 7:40 pm
Surgical Masks1940
ISO Gowns4
Sewn Masks1769
Baby Monitors67

MORE THERMOMETERS PLEASE!: Another new need, 200 temporal thermometers – infrared style is preferable, but at this point we will take any type of thermometer that can be donated and dropped off to 765 Saratoga Ave. Ventura, CA 93003.  Please share this need with your neighbors, family, friends.  We need these right away!!! They likely will not be available in stores but you can search online.  We most likely will need extras people may have. Questions?: hcfvc@ventura.org

STAND BY FOR JOINING THE GOWN-BRIGADE: We realize that in the face of this national shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) we may have to resort to alternative PPE gowns. Likely, these would be made from plastic bags. The hospital staff are sourcing products, and running the concept through the proper channels like Infection Control.

We may be looking at a production of 10,000 gowns.  A test group assembled 200 in less than 2 hours to give you all an idea of the challenge ahead. We are figuring out how to deploy the boxes of plastic bags in a safe way and also how we can receive them safely.

Those who want to help with this project will need a solid surface like a large dining room table and scissors, possibly an iron.

Sign up here to get notifications for when this project starts!Email hcfvc@ventura.org1) Full Name:2) Full Address:3) Email:4) Cell:5) Do you drive or need drivers for Pick up and Delivery?

MORE BABY MONITORS PLEASE!: We are still at 67 baby monitors for rooms but still needs some more. Please share through your social networks, as we need to get this number to 100. The doctors and nurses said that the current stock have been deployed to rooms and they are a HUGE help. These monitors during the pandemic will assist nurses in monitoring patients in overflow patient rooms. This was a best practice shared by another teaching hospital who has already experienced the surge.

  • Monitors to be donated need to be sterilized before donated, in good working order with any batteries and, if possible, back up batteries included, donated via plastic Ziplock or plastic bag.  
  • Please include your name, email, cell, and address so we can thank you after this is over.  After this pandemic, we will give these monitors to low income mothers who have babies in the county that would not otherwise be able to afford a monitor.  
  • These donated monitors can be delivered to765 Saratoga Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003. 

RV loans are so helpful!: Jeff Sukay, Kirby Autogroup assisting in getting rv’s in the parking lots of our hospitals for staff and I will update you as soon as I get word if they will be able to fulfill the order completely.  Jeff Sukay has been a champion for us this morning!  Standby for an update!

World Central Kitchen has been a true gift delivering a box lunch to staff from local restaurants and caterers!

world kitchen

MESSAGE FROM AMY: “Witnessing the proactive, innovative, dedicated, professional hospital leadership, county officials, doctor, nurses and staff has been humbling to experience. The undaunting courage to lean in and see the incredible teamwork strategizing and collaborating for our community safety has been awe inspiring.  I shared with our county staff that the Sewing Brigade team has had the same commitment sewing around the clock from areas near and far, young and mature, scared and confident.  Each of you have been an inspiration to those near and far away.

Other counties are asking how we did it and to share the magic.  The magic is in the people of our community, that’s you!  We are a close tight knit community that cares for one another! We are building momentum to reach our goal.  Thank you for continuing to bring out the best in our community at a very difficult time.”  Stronger together!!! ” 

Originally posted on Indivisible Ventura. Re-posted with permission.

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