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I felt like I was a little mentally ill that year. Like I was DEPRESSED. And part of it was tied in with feminism. We kept thinking we would work hard and we’d get ahead… and just the way that it went down. It’s so unfair and I’m so tired of it as a middle-aged woman that I just snapped. I snapped a little. Honestly. I remember working as a poll watcher, coming home, watching the election results and crying. Like crying hysterically on the bathroom floor. My husband was trying to make me feel better. I was a mess. A hot mess. I’ve never felt that way about any election ever. Never. So now I try to be positive and forward even though I get angry – because I know that’s the right way to be.  I thought I could help women locally. I could help women get elected. And not just focus on the noise. As the years went by, I figured out what I’m good at. I’m good at social media, and I’m good at throwing parties. Let’s be honest, I’m social! I will go out there and hold up a sign and march up and down the street. And I could knock on doors and I have done phone calls for the Democratic Party, but the things that I’m good at are being a poll watcher, doing voter protection, fundraising for the Democratic party and supporting women!

Erin – lawyer, women’s rights activist, Ruth’s list supporter, Planned Parenthood supporter, Hillsborough Society member,

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