Call your MoC about the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill!

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COVID-19’s impact on our lives and our community cannot be overstated. This is a scary time but we at Indivisible Yolo are committed to continuing our advocacy work.  Indeed, we take great comfort in the community we have built since January 2017 and find strength through using the network and tools we’ve developed to promote progressive change.  If your circumstances mean you have the time and inclination to take action from the safety of your home, we welcome you and have many ideas for positive action.

In the time of the coronavirus crisis, the vulnerabilities of our political, health and social systems will be put into stark light.  Existing problems will be on steroids: voter suppression, exploitation of workers, income inequality, corruption… These issues and more will take on acute importance in these dangerous and disruptive times. The community and tools we’ve developed are essential for developing collective action to confront these issues.

in fact, negotiations for a coronavirus stimulus bill are ongoing in Congress now. If we want to put people over profits, we have to call quickly to tell our members of Congress our priorities. The GOP is trying to divert $500 BILLION of the response money into a slush fund for corporate bailouts that the Trump administration can spend without revealing who is getting the aid- even if Trump decides to use it on his own properties. We have to say something so our money goes into a real response to the coronavirus instead.

Scroll down for a sample call script. And please take care!

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Actions this week:

1) Demand a Responsible Response to Coronavirus!

Sample Call Script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY or zip code].I’m calling [Sen. Harris/ Sen. Feinstein/ Rep. Garamendi] to urge her/him to safeguard our democracy and put people before corporate profits in the coming coronavirus legislation.
Specifically, we need to ensure that we implement nationwide vote by mail ahead of November’s election, provide families with direct cash assistance, ensure there are strenuous restrictions attached to any corporate bailouts, and ensure everyone gets paid family and sick leave and expanded unemployment insurance to fill in the gaps from the second coronavirus bill. Will Senator Harris/Sen. Feinstein/Rep. Garamendi promise to safeguard our democracy and put people before corporate profits?

Congress, thankfully, failed to pass the unacceptable Republican sponsored coronavirus response package. Congress urgently has to act to preserve our democracy, and to protect families, workers, and low-income people from destitution. The legislation proposed by Republicans which was blocked by Democratic Senators included “a large corporate bailout provision with no protections for workers and virtually no oversight,” according to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Any effective response to this crisis must include the following three policies:
1. Nationwide vote by mail, as laid out in the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act.
2. Direct cash assistance to individuals and families, with strenuous requirements attached to any corporate bailouts.
3. Universal paid sick days, family leave, and expanded Unemployment Insurance to fill in the gaps from the second coronavirus response bill.

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