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Five Things to Know Today

McGrath endorses Biden for 2020
Amy McGrath, a former Marine combat aviator who has raised more than $16 million in her effort to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell in November’s election, said Friday that she was endorsing Joe Biden for president. The former vice president campaigned in Kentucky for McGrath in her unsuccessful 2018 race for a U.S. House seat. Now she is trying to win the Democratic Senate nomination and unseat McConnell, one of the most powerful men in Washington. McGrath said Biden was respected and beloved by Democrats and Republicans alike and had the ability to bring the country back together. (West Kentucky Star)

Voter challenges Republican running as faux Democrat
A voter is challenging the candidacy of David Reed, a long-time Repub who switched his party registration then filed as a Democrat to run for state House. (Forward Kentucky)

KDP slams Republican state senator for “racist content” on social media
The Kentucky Democratic Party issued a statement condemning a state senator for what they termed “racist content.” The statement included examples, with screen captures of the posts. (Forward Kentucky)

#GOPCowards trends on Twitter as McConnell takes the heat after impeachment hearing
Mitch McConnell has come under fire on social media, along with #GOPCowards, after he voted against a motion to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. (Courier-Journal)

Are Dems about to hand Trump a second term?
Murray State University historian Brian Clardy warns that Democratic disunity could hand Donald Trump a second term. (Forward Kentucky)

KYGA20 Run-Down
“Moar bills!” Rather than pull any of these stories into the “five things to know” section, we’re simply listing some of the stories in the media. Note that some of these may never even be heard in committee, while others may wind up on a fast track for passage.

State Senate committee passes Kentucky ‘sanctuary’ ban – A state Senate committee on Thursday passed a revised Republican proposal to ban so-called sanctuary policies, in a move that could have an effect on how Louisville handles immigration issues. Senate Bill 1 would bar Kentucky cities, public agencies, police, or institutions from adopting policies that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement authorities. (Forward Kentucky)

House approves bill to ban sexual harassment by legislators – The KY House passed a bill strengthening rules around sexual harassment in their workplace, and giving the Ethics Commission jurisdiction over claims. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear wants cigarette-tax hike, new tax on electronic cigarettes – but not as much as one Republican bill – Gov. Beshear wants to raise the tax on all tobacco products and add a new tax on e-cigs – but one Republican bill actually goes further. (Forward Kentucky)

Republicans moving toward limiting a governor’s power to dismantle education board – Sparked by Gov. Beshear’s December dismantling of the Kentucky Board of Education, Senate leadership is working to prevent similar reorgs in the future. (Forward Kentucky)

Not all stories on Forward Kentucky make it to the top “Five Things” section of the Forward Five! Many stories only show up in the yellow section below, which is a running list of pretty much everything published. So, be sure to scan the lower section each day as well, so you don’t miss anything.

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Did you miss any of these?
Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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🔥 Bills go after transgender young people … and their doctors – Multiple bills have been introduced in this year’s General Assembly that target transgender young people, their doctors, and their parents. (read)

🔥 ‘Bye, Mitch’ — Democrats vying to unseat McConnell jab him on impeachment – Four of the ten Dems running to face Mitch McConnell spoke at a forum on Saturday morning, their message was simple: it is time to say “Bye Mitch.” (read)


KCEP releases initial analysis of Beshear budget – The staff at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy worked way into the night to produce this initial analysis of Governor Beshear’s proposed budget. (read)

Repubs don’t want you to vote. Here’s 7 ways they try to stop you. – Republicans don’t like voting, especially for certain groups. Are YOU one of the ones they want to stop? Here are 7 tactics to watch for. (read)


Family farmers speak out against Family Separation Bill – We run a mid-sized farm in Kentucky, and we are deeply concerned about the impact SB1 could have on the immigrant employees who make our business a success. (read)


Mitch McConnell takes care of the miners – Senator McConnell likes to talk about how much he has done for the coal industry and coal miners in Kentucky. Aaron Smith has some insight into just how that has worked out for those miners. (view)

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