Florida Democrats Welcome Venezuelan Interim President Guaidó to Florida and Reiterate their Support for Democracy in Venezuela

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Miami, FL.– Ahead of the rally today of Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó, Florida Democrats reiterated their commitment to continue fighting to restore democracy in Venezuela, as well as protecting Venezuelans in the United States. Under Democratic leadership, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country, help Venezuelans in their path to freedom and passed the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans, a bill that is currently stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate.

While the Trump Administration continues punishing Venezuelan refugees looking for freedom, Florida Democrats have urged the administration to stop the detention and deportation of Venezuelans fleeing the Maduro regime. 

“The endless crimes inflicted on the Venezuelan people by Maduro will not stop until democracy is restored. Maduro must relinquish power and the rightful, Constitutional interim President Juan Guaido must be allowed to reestablish democracy in Venezuela. His bravery in the face of violence, personal threats and political intimidation are an inspiration,” said U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (CD-23). “I am immensely proud to stand by his side in the fight to protect the National Assembly, Venezuela’s last remaining democratic institution, and to help restore human rights, prosperity and health to the Venezuelan people.”

“For over a year, Interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó has been fighting tirelessly to restore democracy to his country. From the moment I entered Congress, my Florida colleagues and I have fully supported every peaceful effort to end this nightmare,” said U.S. Representative Donna Shalala (CD-27). “Despite facing the the largest humanitarian crisis in the history of our hemisphere, people of Venezuela have not wavered in working to reclaim the freedoms that Maduro has so violently suppressed. I remain resolute in my support for the Venezuelan people and the return of democracy.” 

“It is an honor and a privilege to have President Guaidó in Miami,” said U.S. Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (CD-26). “Venezuelans fighting for freedom are following the path of other Latin American countries that had to fight or continue fighting against corruption and dictatorships. We will continue our commitment for democracy in our countries, and for a future free of oppression.” 

“I am very honored to join hundreds of Venezuelans today in Miami to welcome President Guaidó,” said State Senator José Javier Rodríguez (SD-37). “We stand in solidarity with him in his efforts to defend democracy and to end Maduro’s dictatorship.”

“We are proud to host the legitimate President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó in South Florida, where Venezuelans are an important part of our community. I stand with him and the Venezuelan people in their fight to restore the rule of law and take back their democracy by removing the dictator Nicolas Maduro,” said State Representative Javier Fernandez (HD-114)

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