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Five Things to Know Today

Reminder email coming today about the 2020 Feedback Survey

Our 2020 Feedback Survey came out a few days ago. We’ve had good response, but some of you haven’t filled it out yet. We’ll be sending a reminder email later today, then close the survey on Saturday. So, open that email and follow the link to fill out the survey – your opinion is IMPORTANT! Thanks!

Proposed bill would require a photo ID to vote in Kentucky. Here’s what you need to know.
A bill receiving high priority by Kentucky Senate Republicans may set up a major fight over voting rights in the commonwealth. Senate Bill 2, sponsored by Sen. Robby Mills, R-Henderson, will require Kentuckians to have government-issued photo identification in order to vote. The bill has received the backing of new Secretary of State Michael Adams, who campaigned on the issue. Here is what you should know about the proposed legislation and existing law in Kentucky. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: A voting rights expert weighs in on the Voter ID bill
Joshua Douglas, professor of election law and voting rights at UK, posted two excellent Twitter threads about the Voter ID bill. They are well worth your time, as they are both detailed and research-based. Here they are. (Forward Kentucky)

Anti-war protests in Paducah and Morehead — ‘Trump is finally a uniter’
Kentucky’s major cities weren’t the only places where everyday citizens took to the streets to protest possible war with Iran. Two Forward Kentucky contributors sent us their coverage of anti-war protests in Paducah and Morehead, along with photos of the events. (Forward Kentucky)

Lawmakers introduce bill that would ban controversial conversion therapy in Kentucky
Two Kentucky legislators have filed a bill that would effectively ban the controversial practice of conversion therapy in the commonwealth. (Courier-Journal)

Sharp words exchanged between backers and critics of immigration bill in KY Senate
Amid criticism of an immigration bill that some say would separate families and increase racial profiling, key backers of the measure, including Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Lexington’s police union, said Thursday it is needed for public safety.

Kate Miller, advocacy director for ACLU of Kentucky, said the Kentucky Senate “has chosen legislation that will separate Kentucky families as their top priority this session.” She called it “dangerous” and said it “could have sweeping consequences for all Kentuckians if passed.” The immigration system needs to be updated by the federal government, not the state, she said. (Herald-Leader)

Carney’s health takes sudden turn for the worse
Mark Carney, Taylor County Clerk and brother of state representative John “Bam” Carney, has urgently requested prayers after Rep. Carney’s illness suddenly worsened. “Bam was real weak yesterday, had a spell during the night where [his] heart rate and blood pressure dropped real low,” reads a text sent by Mark to Larry Smith, of 99.9. The Big Dawg, around 5 p.m. on Jan. 9. (Central Kentucky News-Journal)

Two quick notes for our readers

  • Today at 4 PM is the deadline to file for the 2020 election (unless you are running as an independent). We will update our list of filed candidates later tonight to reflect the final set of filings. You can find it under the “Election 2020” menu on the site.
  • Not all stories on Forward Kentucky make it to the top “Five Things” section of the Forward Five! Many stories only show up in the yellow section below, which is a running list of pretty much everything published. So, be sure to scan the lower section each day as well, so you don’t miss anything.

Did you miss any of these?
Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] ‘They are scared.’ – Bill aimed at stopping intimidation, assaults on sport officials. – Sports officials are quitting the job because of intimidation and even assault. Now there’s a bill to protect them by making intimidation a crime. (read)

[new] 🔥 At Kentucky Capitol, you can open carry a gun … but don’t conceal those umbrellas – Photos of three men posing with guns in the Kentucky State Capitol have raised questions about security protocol in Frankfort. (read)

Election 2020: Taking back the U.S. Senate – While the presidential election dominates the news, taking control of the US Senate is almost, if not as, critical to Democratic hopes of passing significant legislation beyond 2020. (read)

Congressional Republicans abandon constitutional heritage and Watergate precedents in defense of Trump – Once, not so long ago, congressional Republicans were impeachment’s constitutional stalwarts. They stood up for the House of Representatives’ “sole power of impeachment,” a power granted in the Constitution, including the right to subpoena witnesses and evidence. Even when the president under investigation was a Republican. Even when the Republican political base threatened to turn against them. But that was when the president was Richard Nixon, not Donald Trump. (read)

🔥 Where are the candidates? – With two days left till the filing deadline, the obvious question is “Where are the candidates?” Over half the seats are uncontested. This is Not Good. (read)


[new] Amy McGrath’s super PAC – Amy McGrath spent a lot of time trashing Citizens United when she was running for Congress two years ago. Now she’s got a super PAC raising money for her. (read)

[new] What if leges worked to solve real issues, instead of phantoms like voter fraud? – Linda Blackford adds another bill to her #BadBillWatch — SB2, the voter ID bill — and asks, why are they trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist? (read)

Andy Beshear’s biggest error may have been his first action as governor – On his first day as governor, Andy Beshear put a new Board of Education in place. The board he chose may wind up harming his term as governor. (read)


[new podcast] Transportation, Booker-McGrath-Broihier, KYGA20 bills – This week, we talked about the state’s SHIFT plan and how it interacts with Metro Louisville’s “Move Louisville” plan. Also, Jazmin and Robert talked about Charles Booker’s decision to run for US Senate and about what the other Democratic candidates for US Senate have been up to recently. The General Assembly started on Tuesday, and Robert talked about the Senate’s priority bills. (listen)

[new photo gallery] Anti-war protests in Paducah and Morehead — ‘Trump is finally a uniter’ – Kentucky’s major cities weren’t the only places where everyday citizens took to the streets to protest possible war with Iran. Two Forward Kentucky contributors sent us their coverage of anti-war protests in Paducah and Morehead, along with photos of the events. (view)

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