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Kentucky Republicans say voter ID bill will ‘increase confidence’ in election process
New Secretary of State Michael Adams supports a proposed bill requiring Kentuckians to have government-issued photo identification in order to vote, a key plank of his campaign last year.

While Democrats have typically criticized such legislation for creating unnecessary barriers to voting, Senate Bill 2 sponsor Sen. Robby Mills, R-Henderson, said at a press conference Wednesday a photo ID requirement “increases public confidence in the election process.” (Courier-Journal)

TODAY – #NoWarWithIran rallies planned across Kentucky
As a quickly-organized response to the possibility of war with Iran, activist organizations are planning anti-war rallies on Thursday at 5 PM local time. Here’s the details on the rallies in Paducah, Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, and northern Kentucky. (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell targeted by mobile billboard, digital ads, and field workers to hold Trump accountable
Multiple organizations have banded together to target Mitch McConnell and seven other senators, in an effort to convict and remove President Trump. The multi-pronged strategy started Wednesday. (Forward Kentucky)

At Kentucky Capitol, you can open carry a gun … but don’t conceal those umbrellas
Photos of three men posing with guns in the Kentucky State Capitol have raised questions about security protocol in Frankfort.

Jeni Bolander, a KY 120 United leader, said on Twitter on Tuesday that she couldn’t tell “how many times my purse was searched because we were dangerous teachers who ‘might’ be armed.”

“Lemme get this straight,” Bolander said, posting images of the three men in the state Capitol. “As a teacher, I couldn’t bring an umbrella, a sign on a stick, or a snack to the Capitol the past two years … but this is ok???” (Courier-Journal)

Another history-maker files to run for office
Charles Booker isn’t the only history maker running in the May 19 Democratic primary. “I don’t know if I’m a pioneer,” said Corbin Snardon. “But if I am, that’s great.” Booker, a state representative from Louisville, is apparently the first African American to seek his party’s U.S. Senate nomination. Snardon, a Paducah educator, is evidently the first African American to toss a hat in the ring for the Third State House District seat – or for any other state legislative post in the Jackson Purchase. (Forward Kentucky)

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[new] Election 2020: Taking back the U.S. Senate – While the presidential election dominates the news, taking control of the US Senate is almost, if not as, critical to Democratic hopes of passing significant legislation beyond 2020. (read)

[new] Congressional Republicans abandon constitutional heritage and Watergate precedents in defense of Trump – Once, not so long ago, congressional Republicans were impeachment’s constitutional stalwarts. They stood up for the House of Representatives’ “sole power of impeachment,” a power granted in the Constitution, including the right to subpoena witnesses and evidence. Even when the president under investigation was a Republican. Even when the Republican political base threatened to turn against them. But that was when the president was Richard Nixon, not Donald Trump. (read)

[new] Where are the candidates? – With two days left till the filing deadline, the obvious question is “Where are the candidates?” Over half the seats are uncontested. This is Not Good. (read)

[new] Man who sued Bevin to get his voting rights back has them restored by Beshear – Roger Fox wasn’t able to vote in the governor’s race. But he’s glad Andy Beshear won. Fox is one of the felons whose voting rights were restored by Beshear. (read)

🔥 [new] Critics: ‘Draconian’ bill could turn thousands of Kentucky workers into immigration police – Public employees throughout Kentucky would be required to use “their best efforts” to support enforcement of federal immigration law, under a bill (SB1) proposed by Sen. Danny Carroll, a Paducah Republican. The scope of Carroll’s measure, which also includes a ban on “any sanctuary policy” by police or a public agency, has alarmed immigration advocates, with one saying it has the potential to turn thousands of public workers into immigration police. (read)

[new] McConnell is ready to move ahead on impeachment trial rules, report says – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is preparing to move forward on a set of impeachment trial rules for President Donald Trump without Democratic support, according to a Politico report. (read)


[new] Andy Beshear’s biggest error may have been his first action as governor – On his first day as governor, Andy Beshear put a new Board of Education in place. The board he chose may wind up harming his term as governor. (read)

🔥 [new] My thoughts on today’s gun rally in Frankfort – I covered the gun rally this morning. Had a good interview with one of the leaders. Here are some of my thoughts on the issues they talked about. (read)

“If we lose the rule of law, we might as well tear this capitol down.” – Marc Murphy spoke eloquently about America being a nation of laws, and the threat that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell pose. Here is that speech. (read)

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