Wednesday Actions: Iran War and Impeachment

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Stop a Potential War with Iran:
Iran has apparently responded to the assassination of Qasem Soleimani by launching over a dozen missiles on two Iraqi military bases where U.S. soldiers are housed. As of 9:30 PM, it is unclear whether any US troops were harmed or whether there was significant damage, but this places us at an incredibly dangerous moment, the one we all feared when Trump was elected President. He could launch a more significant attack on Iran. It’s clear that he has no real grasp on the rules of war. We need Congress to step in and to demand that Trump provide the intelligence that would justify his attack on Iran. We were lied into a war in Iraq that is still having repercussions seventeen years later. We don’t need another endless war.


Hello, I am a constituent calling from ____________ to urge Rep./Sen. ______________ to demand that Trump brief Congress on the intelligence used to justify the assassination of Iranian military leader Soleimani. We have seen no evidence of an imminent attack on U.S. civilians. And we are in danger of slipping into another dangerous, prolonged war. It is absolutely urgent that Congress assert itself and demand that Trump seek authorization to use military force against Iran. This means that Trump must provide evidence that Iran posed an imminent threat to U.S. citizens. In particular, I want you to immediately pass a strong war powers resolution, as well as the bills offered by Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Barbara Lee that would prevent war with Iran. Thank you.

Federal Contact Numbers:
Thom Tillis: DC: (202) 224-6342
Richard Burr DC: (202) 224-3154
Tim Scott (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-6121
Lindsey Graham (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-5972

Get Ready to March Against War with Iran:

Tuesdays with Tillis and Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action are co-hosting a rally on Thursday in Raleigh to stand up against a war with Iran. Raleigh’s event is scheduled for 6 PM on Thursday, January 9, at Bicentennial Plaza (most other events are scheduled for 5 PM local time, so please check your local pages below).

There is also a rally planned in Charlotte at the intersection of Tryon and Trade. Here is the national MoveOn website, so keep watching here as well for other events near you:

Thursday Protest:

Charlotte Protest:

Wednesday Vigil in Chapel Hill:

In Chapel Hill on WEDNESDAY the Triangle Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: will hold in a vigil in Chapel Hill from 12-1. It will be at Peace & Justice plaza, corner of Henderson and Franklin Streets.

Event Page:

Demand the Senate Hold a Real Impeachment Trial:

The impeachment still has not gone to the Senate, where the Senate is obligated to hold a trial. McConnell, Graham, and our very own Senator, Thom Tillis, have already stated that they will not convict. Graham is so sure that Trump is innocent that he won’t even look at the evidence–which makes total sense! The House has done its job, and now it is time for the Senate to step up and hold a real trial. Let’s call on Senator Burr and Tillis to do that.

Hello, I am a constituent from ____________ calling to urge Sen. ______________ to follow the Constitution and work to ensure that the Senate conducts a real trial. I want you to take the process seriously and weigh the evidence impartially. It is important that you work with House Democrats to make sure that the rules put in place guarantee a genuine trial. Our democracy–and the public faith in that democracy–depend on it. Thank you.

Federal Contact Numbers:
Thom Tillis: DC: (202) 224-6342
Richard Burr DC: (202) 224-3154
Tim Scott (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-6121
Lindsey Graham (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-5972

Originally posted at Indivisible Triangle. Re-posted with permission.

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