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Five Things to Know Today

Andy Beshear pledges new school board and restored felon voting rights in first week

Democratic Gov.-elect Andy Beshear said Thursday he will act quickly when he takes office next week to dismiss Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis and the state Board of Education.

In a 15-minute interview in the august State Reception Room on the second floor of the Capitol, Beshear also said he will restore voting rights for non-violent felons who have served their time during his first week in office and will consider whether to continue the lawsuit current Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton filed against Gov. Matt Bevin for firing two of her top staffers.

Beshear, who will become Kentucky’s 63rd governor and the 59th person to hold the office, also pledged to halt Bevin’s plan to impose work requirements and premiums on many Kentucky Medicaid recipients. (Herald-Leader)

Outgoing Gov. Matt Bevin fires off order aimed at curbing Rocky Adkins’ pension

In a move aimed squarely at Rocky Adkins, outgoing Gov. Matt Bevin issued an executive order that would block Adkins from getting a higher pension. (Courier-Journal)

Matt Bevin accuses Andy Beshear of ‘selling’ appointment to campaign contributor

Departing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin alleged Wednesday that an appointee of Gov.-elect Andy Beshear had to pay to get the job. (Forward Kentucky)

Twitter declined Kentucky officials’ request to remove misinformation about election

Twitter declined requests from election officials to take down tweets spreading misinformation about shredded ballots in the days following the election. (Forward Kentucky)

Experts: Matt Bevin’s ‘harvesting votes’ remarks were veiled reference to minorities

Dewey Clayton, a political science professor at the University of Louisville, said Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s comment “reeks of dog-whistle politics.” (Courier-Journal)

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[new] Meet Andrew Bailey, the Dem running for Dan Seum’s seat on January 14 – As a lifelong educator, Andrew Bailey knows what it means to serve his community. Now, he wants to take his service to the next level, representing Bullitt and Jefferson counties in the State Senate. (read)

[new] 🔥Bevin administration says Kentucky faces $1.1 billion budget shortfall over next two years – Gov.-elect Beshear could inherit a $1.1 billion budget shortfall over the next two fiscal years, according to a memo from Gov. Bevin’s budget director. (read)

[new] 🔥Kentucky Board of Education weighs 2020 priorities despite uncertain future under Beshear – Kentucky Board of Education members unanimously approved a legislative agenda Wednesday that they may not be able to see through. (read)

[new] 🔥Bevin, still claiming election fraud, says liberals are ‘good at harvesting’ urban votes – Gov. Bevin said on several radio shows that he lost reelection because of liberals’ success in “harvesting votes” in urban areas, which is illegal. (read)

[new] 🔥Kentucky Chamber CEO: ‘We need to raise the gas tax’ – Ashli Watts said it plainly: Infrastructure is one of the major challenges facing the state, and to deal with it, we need more funding. (read)

Legislators talk bipartisanship in Frankfort – Even though Republicans control both houses of the General Assembly, numerous legislators say they are hopeful for a bipartisan approach in KYGA20. (read)

🔥Jeff Hoover blisters GOP’s ‘asinine’ bid to limit Democrat Gov.-elect Beshear’s powers – Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover fired off a blistering email Monday saying it would be foolish for the lower chamber to adopt a measure giving the Senate confirmation powers over the governor’s transportation chief. (read)


[new] ‘Mad Matt,’ ever the ‘crass, classless, recalcitrant man’ – Matt Bevin is at it again. His time nearly up, Bevin has taken to the radio to dog whistle to the GOP faithful and to bash Beshear. (read)

[new] Carroll Hubbard is running. Why? – Just like a long-ago theatre critic, our response when we heard that Carroll Hubbard was running for office (again) was simple: “Why?” (read)

Don’t buy the “centrist” argument! – You’re going to hear this argument endlessly from now on: You need a centrist (read corporate Democrat) to beat Donald Trump. Don’t you believe it! (read)


[new podcast] Interview with Rep. Josie Raymond – This week, Jazmin and Robert spoke with J-town and Hikes Point Representative Josie Raymond specifically about her efforts around early childhood education in the legislature. She told us about her partnership with Bowling Green Republican Steve Sheldon, and how they were approaching making big changes to the way that Kentucky handles pre-K education, and what she envisions as the future of how we handle this important topic in our state.

In this episode, Jazmin and Robert also discussed the potential priorities of Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron and several high profile appointments in Governor-elect Andy Beshear’s cabinet. (listen)

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