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Five Things to Know Today

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(More than five stories to share, so am grouping them into “five groups of things to know today. )

Bevin not conceding, alleging irregularities

Republicans urge Bevin to provide proof of election fraud or ‘let it go’ and concede

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are urging Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a fellow Republican, to either provide evidence of the voting “irregularities” he has alleged or concede Tuesday’s election to Gov.-elect Andy Beshear, who defeated him by 5,189 votes.

“The best thing to do, the right thing to do, is for Governor Bevin to concede the election today so we can move on,” said Rep. Jason Nemes, R-Louisville. (Herald-Leader)

‘Absurd’ and ‘ridiculous’: What officials, experts say about Bevin’s voter fraud claims

We asked election officials and experts at the state and local levels for their thoughts on Gov. Matt Bevin’s voter fraud claims. (Courier-Journal)

The Matt Jones story

Background: Matt Jones, founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, has been considering challenging Mitch McConnell in 2020, and has formed an exploratory committee for that. Jones was removed from his television show after someone complained to the station about the “free air time” he was receiving as a possible candidate. (Jones thinks the McGrath campaign did it.) Then, he was removed from his radio show after the Republican Party of Kentucky filed an FEC complaint on basically the same grounds.

Kentucky Sports Radio fans band together: #FreeMattJones trending after host leaves show

A day after Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones announced he’d been asked to not be on iHeart Radio in the near future, #FreeMattJones started trending on Twitter around the United States Thursday with almost 20,000 tweets. (Courier-Journal)

Matt Jones: ‘I was very close to not’ running for Senate, but now will think about it

In a live video posted on Twitter on Thursday night, Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones, who’s toyed with the idea of running for Senate against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020, said he was almost ready to announce he wasn’t running before he was taken off iHeart Radio.

In his video following a day of #FreeMattJones trending nationally, Jones said he “was very close to not doing it. Like, very close. To the point that I’d had some discussions about potentially even announcing this morning on the show that I wasn’t gonna do it.”

“But now,” Jones said, “they’ve given me more to think about.” He still didn’t make a definitive announcement, but said, “I think the decision has to come soon.”  (Courier-Journal)

How Andy won – Robert Kahne analyzes the election

Robert Kahne uses his skill as a data analyst to do a masterful job analyzing the election results by showing you the four parts of the Beshear victory. (Forward Kentucky)

Did Bevin’s decision to dump his running mate cost him the election?

Matt Bevin lost some counties in 2019 that he won in 2015. Did dropping Jeanean Hampton, a Tea Party favorite, cost him those votes? (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell’s record on coal has become a hot topic in his Senate campaign

Mitch McConnell staked his last Senate campaign, five years ago, in large part on his support for the coal industry and coal miners.

But McConnell’s unwillingness to shore up the fund that supports miners with black lung disease or their pension fund, even after dozens of his constituents traveled 10 hours by bus this summer to his Washington office, has allowed a well-funded opponent to seize on what should be McConnell’s strength: coal.

“Coal miners risked their lives to fuel our country and our growth into a world power,” Democrat Amy McGrath says in a recent attack ad. Borrowing a union battle cry that still echoes in the hills and hollows around here after more than 80 years, McGrath says: “The question for anyone in Congress is, which side are you on?”

In an indication that it struck a nerve, McConnell’s campaign quickly hit back with his own ad, asserting that “Kentucky coal country knows that Mitch fights and wins for miners.” (Inside Climate News)

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[new] Alison Lundergan Grimes: Bevin should ‘honor’ election result and help Beshear transition – Secretary of State Grimes said she is “comfortable” in declaring Beshear the governor-elect and that Matt Bevin should “honor” the election results. (read)

[new] After election, lawmakers take stock of education priorities – Two Repub state reps laid out their legislative priorities at the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, one day after the gubernatorial election. (read)

[new] Speaker of KY House issues statement on possible contested election – The Speaker of the Kentucky House, Representative David Osborne, issued the following statement on Thursday morning regarding the election for governor. (read)

[new] Bevin requests recanvass, alleges ‘irregularities’ – Governor Matt Bevin has filed a formal request for a recanvass of Tuesday’s election results, but is also saying that “irregularities” in the election itself need to be investigated. (read)

[new] Matt Jones steps aside from KSR due to RPK complaint – Matt Jones, the well-known host of Kentucky Sports Radio and possible 2020 opponent to Mitch McConnell, is taking a leave of absence from the show due to a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission by the Republican Party of Kentucky. (read)

[new] Next steps in gov election: recanvass, file a challenge … but no recount – If Matt Bevin isn’t satisfied with the results of the election recanvass, then what? Turns out there is no recount provision; it goes straight to the leges. (read)

Daniel Cameron elected Kentucky attorney general, says he will ‘work with whomever’ – Daniel Cameron is the next KY attorney general – a young, conservative protégé of Mitch McConnell who nevertheless said he would “work with whomever.” (read)

Voter turnout tops 42 percent in tight race for Kentucky governor – Unofficial results show a voter turnout of more than 42 percent in Tuesday’s election, well above the 31 percent predicted last week by SOS Grimes. (read)

Nickell wins District 1 seat in KY Supreme Court – Appellate Judge Shea Nickell walked away with a narrow victory in the race against Sen. Whitney Westerfield to the Kentucky Supreme Court District 1 seat. (read)

How Beshear won – and other fun with numbers – Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the numbers from last night’s election, and see if we can learn any lessons from the results. (read)


[new] Matt Bevin lost the Kentucky governor’s race because he’s a jerk. Good riddance! – Let’s make one thing crystal clear: Matt Bevin didn’t lose because of his policies, the way he governed, or scandal. He lost for one simple reason. (read)

[new] Biden’s and Buttigieg’s sexist attacks on Warren – Looking for ways to bring Warren down, both Biden and Buttigieg have initiated new lines of attack that attentive listeners should recognize as not so new. (read)

Three quick takes on the election – Berry Craig makes three good observations about the values of Bevin and Beshear, the name-calling in the campaign, and GOP “diversity.” (read)


[podcast] Robert Haley Conway, election preview, debate 3 & 4 recap, and Justin Walker confirmed – This week’s show features Robert Haley Conway, candidate for ag commissioner. And, Robert and Jazmin share their predictions for Tuesday’s election. (listen)

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