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Five Things to Know Today

Report: McConnell tells Trump to stop insulting GOP senators amid impeachment inquiry

Mitch McConnell warned President Trump to stop attacking senators during a discussion about the impeachment inquiry, according to a POLITICO report. (Courier-Journal)

Should Kentucky adopt a ‘red flag’ gun law? Bevin and Beshear disagree.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin rejected the idea of a “red-flag” gun law Wednesday, saying it would by “an erosion of our constitutional rights” if police or family members could ask a judge to temporarily remove a gun from a potentially dangerous person. The Republican governor’s Democratic opponent in Tuesday’s election for governor, Attorney General Andy Beshear, has repeatedly said he favors such laws. (Forward Kentucky)

Drug testing food stamp recipients doesn’t pay off, Bevin aide tells KY lawmakers

The Bevin Administration told lawmakers Wednesday that drug testing people who apply for public benefits creates a “major expense for minimal results.” (Forward Kentucky)

KY Supreme Court rulings

Court dismisses suit over shop owner’s refusal to print gay pride shirt

The Kentucky Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision on Thursday, has upheld a lower court’s ruling that a Lexington print shop owner was within his rights to refuse to make t-shirts for a Lexington gay rights festival due to his religious beliefs. (KY Today)

Court denies rehearing on Beshear using law firms on contingency basis

The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday denied a petition for rehearing in the case involving Attorney General Andy Beshear’s contract with law firms to pursue cases against drug companies on a contingency fee basis. (Essentially, this says that the AG’s office must follow the state procurement guidelines, which include contracts being approved by the Finance Cabinet and being subject to legislative override.) (KY Today)

Cartoon Poster for Sale

Aaron Smith’s series of “Bevin’s Misdeed” is now a poster you can download and print! If you want to support Aaron’s work, jump over to the ForwardKY Store and get your copy for only $7. Then print it and put it up somewhere so people can remember these eight things before they go to the polls on Tuesday.

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[new] Bevin ‘unapologetically pro-life’ — Beshear supports ‘reasonable restrictions’ – Access to abortion is a “burning issue” in the gubernatorial election, according to Rev. Gnatuk, chair of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. (read)

[new] In final debate, Bevin and Beshear were asked to be nice to each other. They weren’t. – Standard debate question: Name one good thing about your opponent. Andy Beshear and Matt Bevin struggled to answer that question in their last debate. (read)

How closely should the Kentucky treasurer oversee tax dollars? Candidates disagree. – For an annual salary of $124,113, the Kentucky treasurer keeps tabs on state tax dollars. The two people running in the Nov. 5 general election for the constitutional office of state treasurer strongly disagree on how far that duty goes. (read)


Straub: Repubs relying on lies to scare voters – One way to get people to vote for you is to scare them,” said veteran journalist Bill Straub, reflecting on Bevin and Cameron’s use of immigrant-bashing. (read)

Who loses if Matt Bevin wins on November 5th? – If only 16% of Kentuckians re-elect Matt Bevin on Nov. 5, who are the real losers? Matt Kaufmann lays it out clearly, and tells us what to do about it. 🔥 (read)

Four reasons Matt Bevin should not be governor – Matt Bevin has been governor of Kentucky for almost four years. We have watched him govern, we have heard his speeches and his answers to questions, and we have seen the policies he pushes. We have a good sense of what a governorship by Matt Bevin looks like, even as he asks us to vote for him again. Having lived through Matt Bevin’s first term, we have four reasons he should not get a second. (read)


Bevin’s Misdeeds #8 – Turnout Matters! – Aaron Smith concludes his “Bevin’s (Mis)Deeds” series with a reminder that only 16% of eligible voters elected Matt Bevin last time. Turnout matters! (view)


[podcast] Councilwoman Angela Evans, Marshall County, ALG catchup, & more – This week, we spoke to Lexington Councilwoman Angela Evans. She told us about her reasons for running for office, serving as one of two African Americans on the LFUCG council, her future, and several other topics. We were excited to speak to her, and we are excited to bring this interview to you! Jazmin and Robert talked about two stories involving Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, the insertion of the Marshall County shooting into the Governor’s race, and a few other smaller stories. (listen)

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