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Five Things to Know Today

Bevin touts agreement to pay Blackjewel miners; Beshear, others respond

In a press release, the office of Governor Matt Bevin announced an agreement has been reached to pay the back wages due to miners in Eastern Kentucky. Andy Beshear and others responded to the news and to Bevin claiming credit. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear announces two drug settlements worth $40M

Attorney General Andy Beshear announced two settlements Wednesday totaling $39.7 million to benefit the state’s Medicaid program and General Fund, which pays for most state programs.

In a news conference in his Capitol office, Beshear said his office has recovered $22.7 million in state and federal Medicaid dollars in a settlement with Reckitt, headquartered in the United Kingdom, for its improper marketing and promotion of the drug Suboxone.

Beshear also said Kentucky has reached a $17 million settlement with Bayer Corp., a U.S. subsidiary of German-based Bayer AG, over claims that it misled Kentucky women about risks associated with its birth control drugs, Yasmin and Yaz. (Herald-Leader)

Do these contracts make my retirement system look fat?

When you see a KRS contract for $500,000 it makes you wonder what else is out there. We decided to do some digging. Here’s what we found. (Forward Kentucky)

Freedom from Religion Foundation investigating Bevin’s rally at mansion with pastors

In a press release, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) announced it is opening an investigation into Governor Bevin’s meeting with pastors. (Forward Kentucky)

Bevin defends Trump calling impeachment a ‘lynching.’ McConnell calls usage ‘unfortunate’

Gov. Matt Bevin on Wednesday defended President Donald Trump’s use of the word “lynching” to describe the House impeachment inquiry, a day after Sen. Mitch McConnell called it “an unfortunate choice of words.” (Forward Kentucky)

Two important editorials

Normally, we would list these in the “Featured Content” below since they are editorials – but we thought they were important enough to add them to the “five things to know” section. If you agree, share them with your frinds and on social media. The election is 13 days away.

Four reasons Matt Bevin should not be governor

by Bruce Maples, publisher
Matt Bevin has been governor of Kentucky for almost four years. We have watched him govern, we have heard his speeches and his answers to questions, and we have seen the policies he pushes. We have a good sense of what a governorship by Matt Bevin looks like, even as he asks us to vote for him again. Having lived through Matt Bevin’s first term, we have four reasons he should not get a second. (Forward Kentucky)

Matt Jones on what is at stake in this election

Matt Jones lays out clearly and starkly what will happen if Matt Bevin is re-elected. It’s to the point, and it’s accurate. Read and share. (Forward Kentucky)

Did you miss any of these?
Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] How Kentucky governors use state aircraft to raise money for their reelection campaigns – Kentucky governors have many structural advantages when they seek reelection — not the least of which is their apparent legal ability to use state-owned aircraft to whisk them to and from campaign events or fundraisers. (read)

[new] Ivanka Trump tries to take credit for Kansas economy, state legislator sets her straight – Kansas is seeing a resurgence, and Ivanka Trump tied it to Republican leadership. Unfortunately for her, it started when Dems took over. A state Rep set her straight. (read)

[new] House passes landmark bipartisan bill to crack down on shell companies used for tax evasion – On Tuesday, 25 Republicans joined nearly all the chamber’s Democrats to approve the Corporate Transparency Act, a bill that would require those creating a company to report its owners to the federal government. (read)

[new] Bowling Green UAW workers vote to reject contract with GM – A four-year contract between the United Auto Workers and General Motors has been voted down by members of Bowling Green’s United Auto Workers Local 2164. (read)

[new] Beshear campaigns across rural Kentucky, aiming to prove he’s not giving up on the region – Andy Beshear is working hard across rural Kentucky, visiting all over the state to share his vision and talk about local issues. (read)

[new] Matt Bevin travels through Eastern Kentucky, where support is shaky as Election Day looms – In the closing days of a tight race, Bevin is hitting Eastern Kentucky, where his opponent in this year’s primary racked up a lot of votes. (read)

Bevin has spent 80% more on plane trips than last governor – Gov. Matt Bevin’s flights aboard state-owned aircraft in the first 45 months of his term had a total billed cost 80% larger than that of his predecessor, former Gov. Steve Beshear, through the same period of his first term. (read)


Does having Repubs in charge lead to a better economy? – KY Repubs are crowing that the reason Kentucky has experienced job growth is because they are in charge. The statistics tell a different story. (read)


[new] Stay scared. Stay mad. Vote. – Go on, admit it. That Mason-Dixon poll scared you. Joseph Gerth’s Oct. 21 Courier-Journal column made you mad. Good. Now vote for our endorsed candidates. Get your family, friends and neighbors to vote for them, too. (read)

[new] Cameron’s latest ad is typical Mitch — Stumbo responds – Daniel Cameron, the Repub AG candidate, is up with his latest Mitch-playbook ad. Greg Stumbo responded with a press release refuting the ad’s claims. (read)

Lexington Herald-Leader endorses Greg Stumbo for Kentucky Attorney General – The office of Attorney General is too important to be in the hands of a McConnell proxy. We endorse Greg Stumbo in this race. (read)


Bevin’s Misdeeds #8 – Turnout Matters! – Aaron Smith concludes his “Bevin’s (Mis)Deeds” series with a reminder that only 16% of eligible voters elected Matt Bevin last time. Turnout matters! (view)

Have you seen this Pander Bear anywhere in the state? It appears that as we get closer to the election, a new creature has been observed in various location across our state. He gets around by hitching rides on state equipment, we think, and always seems to bring large amounts contracts with him, which he gives to local elected officials. Then he is whisked off to another part of the state to do it all again. (view)


[new podcast] Councilwoman Angela Evans, Marshall County, ALG catchup, & more – This week, we spoke to Lexington Councilwoman Angela Evans. She told us about her reasons for running for office, serving as one of two African Americans on the LFUCG council, her future, and several other topics. We were excited to speak to her, and we are excited to bring this interview to you! Jazmin and Robert talked about two stories involving Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, the insertion of the Marshall County shooting into the Governor’s race, and a few other smaller stories. (listen)

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