Our Voting Systems Are Vulnerable: Tell Congress to Act on Election Security

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Graphic by Julie Frontera

We’ve gone nearly an entire legislative session in Congress without meaningful action in the Senate to secure our elections.

We know that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election to help elect Donald Trump, and we know they’re going to do it again.

But for three years, McConnell has stonewalled all legislation that would help secure our elections and hold shady voting machine companies accountable for failing to fix fatal security flaws.

As a result, our election infrastructure is still dangerously vulnerable to hacking and foreign interference in 2020, but time is running out to act.

Sign the petition: Demand Congress protect American democracy and secure our elections!

This isn’t about red or blue states. It’s about making sure that the central promise of democracy – one person, one vote – is upheld. It’s about making sure that voters, not hackers or foreign governments, elect our country’s leadership.

Congressional Republicans have made clear that they will gladly silence the voice of the voters if it means amassing more power.

Add your name: Tell Congress to pass legislation protecting our democracy.

– Ron

Petition Copy:

Protect our votes: Secure our elections!

In 2016, hostile foreign agents tried to interfere in our elections any way they could, including hacking into voting machines and other election infrastructure.

Recently, we learned that in at least two Florida counties, Russian hackers breached voter files.

Relying on insecure voting technology threatens the integrity of our democracy. We already have the ability to count and report vote totals quickly and accurately without unreliable voting machines. We just need the will to do something about it.

Americans shouldn’t have to wonder if insecure voting machines are leaving our votes vulnerable.

Tell Congress: “Defend our democracy! Secure our votes.”

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