Spirit of Service: Robin Parrott for LA State House District 95

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Robin Parrott is running to represent the 95th state House district in Louisiana. Parrott is a product of her state having graduated from Walker High School and Southeastern Louisiana University. She also served as a high school teacher for 8 years at Walker Freshman High including the 2009/10 school year where she received the honor of being named Teacher of the Year. She took some time out to talk about her 2019 election effort to flip the 95th district blue.

Parrott wants to take her spirit of service to Baton Rogue. “I care about people and want to see life improved for them,” Parrott said. “I believe the people are being ignored, and it is time they have a choice to vote for someone that will listen to them and communicate and fight for real issues that are impacting families today.”

The former Teacher of the Year brings a unique breadth of experience to her race. “I believe everyone should have affordable access to quality healthcare. My mom died from cancer when I was 12, and we had to hold fundraisers to pay for treatment. My son was born with a pre-existing condition. I have a family member that is an addict, and that has personally impacted my life. I see the need for better access to mental health and addiction treatment in our state. We need better support for families dealing with this issue.” 

Republicans have failed to address many kitchen table issues. “I will advocate to keep Medicaid expansion. I would vote for more competition between healthcare providers, to be able to provide more options that will help elderly and the poor have health care in their home or mobile healthcare units,” Parrott said. She hopes to prioritize talking to those that have first hand knowledge in the system so that the best policies are put forward. “Because it is an issue that impacts so many people no matter the political party,” Parrott explained. “I believe having better access to mental health treatment and addiction treatment is something that I could work on in a bipartisan manner.” 

It’s all about a brighter future for Louisiana for Parrott. “We need to improve overall life for our people so that educated people will stay in our state,” Parrott said. “If we put education, healthcare, and environment as a priority in our state, I believe we can attract businesses. I would also like to give incentives to businesses if they agree to implementing environmentally friendly policies.”

supplied by Robin Parrott for State Representative

Parrott knows from experience what it’s like to work hard and to struggle, and she has committed to serving her community. “I’m a former foster mom and high school teacher in the community. I worked as a fast food worker as a teen into my college years, and know what it is like to live on minimum wage and that experience is one of the reasons I believe we should raise the wage to a livable wage in Louisiana.”

Robin Parrott hopes to bring her experience to the Louisiana House of Representatives. As we saw earlier this year, it’s incredibly important to empower women in the state of Louisiana. You can follow her on Twitter @RP4LA and donate to help her campaign. Check out her website!

Originally posted at Majority60. Re-posted with permission.

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