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Facebook sued. Why? Follow the money.

Facebook sued. Why? Follow the money. Facebook sued for selling its users’ personal data for political manipulation. Facebook is accused of stalling news about how it mis-used data while four Facebook directors


Putin’s Republican Cheerleaders

Putin’s Republican cheerleaders Ronald Reagan condemned Russian communism. Many Republican leaders now praise Putin. What gives? Follow the money to see how Republican leaders became Putin cheerleaders. How Russia helped Trump get elected


Who Funds Politicians Spreading Hate?

Who funds politicians spreading hate? Who funds politicians spreading hate, racism and misogyny? Follow the money with Code For Democracy. “Paul Gosar a Republican posted a photoshopped anime video to his Twitter


Joel Kaplan: Zuck’s Fixer and GOP Operative

Joel Kaplan: Zuck’s fixer and GOP operative Facebook spreads Republican disinformation and promotes right-wing conspiracy theories. Meet Joel Kaplan, Republican operative and Zuckerberg fixer. “Kaplan is Facebook’s vice president of global public policy. He

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