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Fundraise With Relational Organizing

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Fundraise with relational organizing Your best donors are people you already know. How do you tap a large number of your contacts for donations, but


Canvassing for H.R. 1 Over Facetime

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Canvassing for H.R. 1 over Facetime How do you bring the personal appeal of in-person canvassing online? How can volunteers be more persuasive with a


Think Different to Persuade More People

Think different to persuade more people Polarized voters. People trapped in information bubbles. Corporations making billions spreading disinformation in order to sell more ads. How do you get heard when calling and



Happy Tuesday! Original 2 FEATURED ACTIONS FOR GEORGIA!– Don’t live in Georgia but want a meaningful (and Georgia-approved!) way to help? Join the Phone Crew to shift & confirm volunteers

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