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DemCast is a hybrid digital media strategy meant to amplify the voices of grassroots activists who are out there helping to turn America blue. There are many ways to get involved in this innovative digital media co-op.

If you aren’t quite ready to jump into a state leadership position, you can sign up for our volunteer network here.

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After reading the description below, if you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please complete the form. We will follow up.

The DemCast platform and social media amplification network will provide a big boost to local and state messaging. Grassroots groups that struggle to get word out about events, campaigns and actions will benefit from the DemCast infrastructure. The “Partner With DemCast” page goes into more detail about the benefits of partnering with DemCast.

To help facilitate connections between DemCast and local grassroots activist groups, State Outreach Coordinators will act as emissaries to the DemCast project within their home states. The goal for Outreach Coordinators will be to cement formal partnerships that result in measurable amplification of local messaging through DemCast.

State Outreach Coordinators will work with State Social Media Captains and State Content Captains, together comprising DemCast State Leadership Teams.

  • Attend meetings held by activist groups and other organizations involved in the political process.
  • Network with key persons within grassroots organizations, acquaint them with the DemCast model, and facilitate development of partnership agreements.
  • Collect contact information of key persons within prospective and partner organizations, and store contact information / relationship details within DemCast’s Customer Management System (CMS) database.
  • Actively manage relationships with partner organizations through regular outreach.
  • Introduce appropriate individuals within partner organizations to State Captains, to facilitate creation and dissemination of media via DemCast – especially communications and social media leads.
  • Work with State Captains to conduct a rolling recruitment of social media amplifiers and content creators from partner organizations. Facilitate hand-offs as appropriate.
  • Utilize Basecamp for communicating with the broader DemCast team.
  • Participate in semi-regular web conferences with the State Leadership Team and national team to coordinate activities and messaging.
  • Stay apprised and informed of local and state events, stories & individuals of note. Share relevant info with the State Leadership Team.

1 – 3 flexible hours per day.

  • Make a difference by bridging the gap between local candidates, grassroots groups and DemCast amplifiers for Blue Wave 2020.
  • Connect with grassroots and establishment leaders locally and nationally.
  • Grow in personal political goals by being more informed on local and state issues, and interacting with other influencers, campaigns and politicians across the state.
  • Meet new friends with similar political goals and expand your personal/professional network.
  • Expand your reach and influence by growing your social media follower base.
  • Use skills learned in career or prior volunteer experience to help influence the American political process.
  • Receive training and mentorship to help hone your activism and advocacy skills.
  • Gain or expand experience in that may include liaising with candidates, campaigns, the party and elected officials
  • Build your resume: Experience and results could assist in professional paid positions with DemCast and other grassroots or political organizations
  • Enhance your future prospects in politics, whether you decide to run for office yourself or just continue your involvement at this or another level
  • Strong organizational skills, time management and attention to detail, outgoing, attentive listening.
  • Leadership qualities/ skills, including: building and maintaining relationships, self-starting, persistent (though not overly so), motivational support.
  • Demonstrated effective social media communication.
  • Strong working knowledge of the political climate and players in the state.
  • Awareness of and connection to activist networks within the state.
  • Expertise across all social platforms
  • Past leadership roles (volunteer or paid) in local or state political or activist organizations.
  • Deep knowledge of local or state activism networks and communication streams.
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