US Officials: Sign this Pledge to Defend American Sovereignty

Protect Our Elections from Foreign Interference



The framers of the Constitution were very concerned about our nation’s sovereignty: they wanted America to be a place free of foreign influence, where our governance and destiny would be self-determined.

Recent events have undermined and called into question certain politicians’ dedication to this core tenet of American democracy. Now is the moment for both citizens and elected officials to reaffirm our commitment to self-rule.

To that end, We the People have begun collecting signatures on a petition, asking our current and future elected representatives to make the Pledge to Defend American Sovereignty (see language in the next section). DemCast will deliver petition signatures to lawmakers (based on zip codes of signers) on November 30th.

The Pledge

Politicians can read the Pledge language below, followed by instructions about how to sign on. Those who do so will be listed at the bottom of this page. The fact is, we shouldn’t even have to ask, and this shouldn’t be a difficult commitment to make. We hope all politicians – on both sides of the aisle – agree to defend our sovereignty. 

The Pledge to Defend American Sovereignty:

    • I have not knowingly accepted nor will I knowingly accept campaign contributions – liquid or in-kind – from foreign nationals. If I ever discover that foreign funds have been routed to my campaign, I will immediately return them to their source or donate them to charity, and report the matter to the FEC.

    • I have not nor will I ever solicit or accept any type of coordinated support from foreign nationals, entities or nations seeking to influence US elections. If I ever learn of any such interference, I will report the matter immediately to the FBI.

    • I do not condone, nor will I willingly accept, efforts by foreign nations or entities to interfere digitally in US elections. If I become aware of digital disinformation campaigns, botnets, or other forms of digital interference aimed at supporting my candidacy for office, I will report these efforts and immediately, publicly disavow them.

    • I believe that foreign nations/entities have no place in US elections. Our sovereignty as a nation in this digital age requires awareness, transparency & ethical conduct by candidates and politicians. I commit to doing my part to ensure that Americans – not foreign governments, agents or entities – get to set the course for our nation.

Signatories to The Pledge


  • Ammar Campa-Najjar (D), US House Candidate, CA-50
  • Mike Levin (D), US Representative, CA-49
  • Regina Marston (D), US House Candidate, CA-42


  • Nathan Clay (D), US House Candidate, CO-07


  • Michael Cardona (D), Candidate, FL State House, HD-48


  • Emily Leslie (D), Candidate, GA State House, HD-106


  • Jimmy Ausbrooks (D), US Senate Candidate, KY
  • Mike Broihier (D), US Senate Candidate, KY
  • Eric Rothmuller (D), US Senate Candidate, KY


  • Antoine Pierce (D), US Senate Candidate, LA


  • Jon Hoadley (D), US House Candidate, MI-06


  • Dennis Oglesby (D), US House Candidate, MO-03

North Carolina

  • Brian Caskey (D), Candidate, NC State Senate, SD-48
  • James Dawkins (D), Candidate, NC State House, HD-19
  • Wesley Harris (D), State House Representative, HD-105
  • Steve Woodsmall, US House Candidate, NC-11


  • Carol Abney (D), Candidate, TN State House, HD-38
  • James Mackler (D), US Senate Candidate, TN
  • Chris Rowe (D), US House Candidate, TN-01
  • Kiran Sreepada (D), US House Candidate, TN-07


  • Colin Allred (D), US Representative, TX-32
  • John Biggan (D), US House Candidate, TX-24
  • Dr. Christine Mann (D), US House Candidate, TX-31


  • Jamie Cheek, US House Candidate, UT-01

Candidates & Elected Officials: How to Sign

Candidates and officials at all levels of office, both federal and non-federal, are encouraged to declare their agreement with the above pledge. To do so, please fill out the form below or send an email to (from any official or campaign email address). DemCast and partners will then circulate your declaration via our social media channels. 

We also encourage you to publicly declare your commitment via social media. If you do so, please use the hashtag #PledgeToDefend and #DemCast, and our supporters will amplify you. Thank you in advance for standing up for America.

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