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Climate Defense Must Include the Pentagon

We are glad to support a president who has finally placed combating global warming front and center in his administration. One who understands that “the United States and the world face a profound


Time for Nevada

The 2020 election and its aftermath showed us that our neighboring state of Nevada is a battleground state for our democracy and made it clear: What happens in Nevada in 2022 will affect

PerQliar Kevin McCarthy

The PerQliar Case of Kevin McCarthy

As a Californian, I try not to think about Kevin McCarthy. Who likes thinking about their region’s most embarrassing people? However, since his slavish, sycophantic behavior towards trump has become world-renowned as


It’s “Earth Day” Week!

Hello Ventura Indivisians! Your Calls to Action: SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTION – Sunday April 24 – Swap Meet Justice Citizenship and Family Resource Fair, Expungement Clinic and Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic(9-3pm) (8:30 am for first