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🤔What’s the best way to get to know your candidates in the time of COVID?

💻With their digital content, of course!

That’s why #DemCast gives them a platform to talk to their constituents!

It all starts with a fun Meet the Candidates survey, so here they are (just click on hyperlinks on each office to find the surveys!):

First up, meet candidate for US House District 2@Adair4Congress! Adair Boroughs is running against Joe “You Lie” Wilson and needs your support to send Wilson into retirement! Adair will represent SC honorably in the US House. #DemCastSC

Next meet candidate for US House District 4 @KimforSC! Kim Nelson is running on a healthcare platform against rich kid William Timmons who never has and never will do anything for the people he represents. #DemCastSC

Next meet US House District 5 candidate @MoeBrownSC!
Moe Brown is running against Ralph Norman, who brought a gun to a @MomsDemand meeting to scare them. Moe will work hard to earn his constituents’ trust, not threaten them.

Meet @melissawatsonf1, candidate for US House District 7. Melissa is a teacher and knows the importance of a good education. She’s running against Tom Rice who denies science, refused to wear a mask, and got COVID-19 and infected countless others.

Meet @McCordForSC running for SC State Senate District 5 against Republican Tom Corbin. Michael McCord is committed to community and dedicated to progress!

Meet @ram4scsenate running for SC Senate District 16! Ram is running to rebuild unity and to tackle tough problems like education and healthcare in SC.

Meet @emily4scsenate running for SC State Senate District 34. Emily Cegledy is a registered nurse and she is running to end healthcare disparities in South Carolina.

Meet @KBWhit, candidate for SC State Senate District 37. Kathryn Whitaker wants to bring service back to politics. She’ll fight for a quality education for our children. She’s running against Larry Grooms, who hasn’t fought for anything in 23 years.

Meet @samskardon, candidate for SC State Senate District 41. Sam will fight for civil rights, better education, affordable housing, the environment and economic opportunity. His opponent, Sandy Senn, will only fight to cut down trees for bigger roads.

Meet @RichardForSC, candidate for SC State Senate 43. Richard Hricik (riss-ick) wants you to #BelieveInBetter because he knows it can be better. He will fight to improve education, healthcare and economic opportunity, unlike 22-year incumbent Campsen.

Meet @RyanForSC, candidate for SC State House District 47. Ryan Arioli, when elected, will focus on education reform by working with the people who face these problems head on: the educators.

Meet @FischerForSC56, candidate for SC State House District 56. Bruce Fischer is a psychologist and has seen firsthand the impacts of folks feeling abandoned by their government. He will fight to expand Medicaid and protect the environment.

Meet @RhodesBailey, candidate for SC House District 75. Rhodes is running to fight for a legislative agenda that prioritizes students and teachers in SC. He also plays a mean guitar!🎸

Meet @JenforSC, candidate for SC State House District 99. Jen Gibson is running to make our government work for the people of South Carolina. She’ll focus on solutions to traffic congestion, poor infrastructure, underfunded schools and health care.

Meet @EdCSutton, candidate for SC House District 114. Ed Sutton is a veteran, a small business owner and champion for public education. Ed will fight for YOU, as opposed to his Q-Anon opponent Lin Bennett who only fights for Trump.

/📣SC Candidates!

🤔Wondering how you can get in on this candidate survey (and free publicity😉)?

Click on the survey link:

Candidates can also write their own letter to introduce themselves like @krgraziano did here:

It’s Time for New Leadership at the Sheriff’s Office

My name is Kristin Graziano, and I’m running to be the next sheriff of Charleston County. After 32 years of the same leadership, it’s time for a fresh approach. I need your support to bring change to a department that lacks accountability, transparency, and diversity….

Or like @danielbforSC did here:

The next State House district to flip

I am writing to introduce myself as the Dem nominee for S.C. State House District 112, which serves Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms.

Last but not least, #DemCast will be happy to publish your newsletters, Op-Eds and other works like all the cool stuff you can find here:

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