Federal leadership is failing. These newly endorsed candidates are ready to lead.

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Dear Friends,  

In recent weeks we’ve seen detrimental failures from the federal government. From COVID-19 deaths spiking in states like Florida and Arizona, to the dismantling of the freedom of peaceful protestors to assemble in Oregon, the need for strong leadership in state chambers across the country could not be more pressing. 

That’s why today we’re excited to introduce these candidates who are ready to lead. Whether they’re protecting against sea level rise in Florida, or fighting to expand Medicaid in Kansas, they are each ready to improve lives. 

From combat veterans to public school educators, these leaders have incredible experiences to inform their leadership. We’re thrilled for you to meet our newest slate of endorsed candidates in FloridaIowaKansas and Texas.

Will you forward this to three friends and share why you’re supporting state legislative candidates this cycle? They can join the fight here.


Dolores Guzman 
Dolores is a tireless advocate for Latinx communities and deeply understands the urgency to provide and expand affordable healthcare to all Floridians. She is running to bring responsible leadership to Tallahassee. 

Tracey Kagan
Tracey has worked to ensure the rights of all Floridians are protected. She is running to protect the future of Florida’s children by advocating for strong public schools and gun safety.

Andrew Learned
After serving his country for nearly a decade in the U.S. Navy, Andrew returned to his hometown where he is running to advocate for good jobs and quality, affordable healthcare.

Julie Jenkins
Julie has spent much of her career fighting to bring economic investment to Florida. She is running to advocate for a sustainable and prosperous future for all Floridians. 

Jessica Harrington
A public school educator, Jessica is a fierce advocate for working families. She is running to fight for Florida’s students and to advance equal opportunity for all. 

Drake Buckman 
A small business owner and advocate, Drake is committed to improving lives for all Floridians. He is running to fight against special interests that have undermined Florida’s schools and environment.

EJ Bernier
EJ is a firefighter, paramedic, and former Marine. He is running to be an advocate for Florida’s working families and ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare. 

Jim Bonfiglio
As the former mayor of Ocean Ridge, Jim understands the needs of his community. He is running to advocate for gun safety, quality, affordable healthcare, and strong public education for all Floridians.  

Linda Thompson Gonzalez
A former Foreign Service officer, Linda is running to bring her public service experience to advocate for common-sense solutions to protect against sea level rise and ensure quality, affordable healthcare for all Floridians.

Annette Collazo
As a teacher and community organizer, Annette is dedicated to improving the lives of South Florida youth and families. She is running to advocate for good jobs and quality public education for all Floridians. 

Clint Barras
Clint has been an advocate for clean water and sustainable environmental practices in the Florida Keys. He’s running to take his environmental advocacy to Tallahassee and fight for a better future for his community.


Kelcey Brackett
An Iowa native, city councilmember, and former small business owner, Kelcey is running to improve the lives of all Iowans, not just those at the top.


Jeff Pittman
The son of a combat veteran, Jeff was raised in the town he now represents. Currently serving in the House of Representatives, Jeff is a voice for bipartisan solutions in the Kansas Legislature.

Cindy Holscher
A 20-year resident of Johnson County and mother of three, Cindy is an advocate for the future of her community. During her time representing Kansans, Cindy has fought for fully-funded public schools and access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Stacey Knoell
A former public school educator, Stacey comes from a long line of Kansans who have fought for equal opportunity. She is running to represent all Kansans and not narrow special interests. 

Joy Koesten
Joy is a small business owner, facilitator, and educator. She is running to fight for good jobs, stronger public education, and quality, affordable healthcare.

Lindsey Constance
An educator of 16 years and city councilmember, Lindsey is dedicated to creating a brighter future for all Kansans. Lindsey is running to advocate for good jobs, quality public education and affordable healthcare for all Kansans.


Akilah Bacy
An advocate for victims of employment discrimination and children seeking asylum, Akilah fights for equal opportunity for all. She is running to advance quality public education and good jobs for Texans. 

Thank you for being in this fight. 



Andrew Grunwald
Campaigns Director
Future Now Fund

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