Meet the Candidate: Sharon Girard (Arizona)

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Candidate Name:

Sharon Girard

Photo provided by the campaign.

Candidate’s preferred pronouns

She her

What office are you running for?

State Representative

With which party are you running for office?

Democratic Party

Election Date


Why are you running for office?

I practiced medicine for 30 years as a Physician Assistant. I saw how my patients struggled to afford and access the care they needed. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare field, as a national leader and a provider. I want to continue my life of service by using my expertise and pragmatism to make life better for all in my state. Healthcare and education are important issues in everyone’s lives. I will work to make lives better and give opportunity to all.

What is the biggest issue facing your community and how do you propose helping?

Healthcare. My district is a combination of rural and exurban. My experience is in rural healthcare. I will work to expand access to care by addressing our state provider deficit, access to broadband for telemedicine and expanding care for all people. No one should be without affordable healthcare or the medication and services they need.

How do we fix the partisan divide in our country and start working together again?

When I speak to someone about an issue I never ask, nor care, what party they are on. Issues are not partisan, they are just issues that need solutions. I will work with anyone who wants to work to make life better for those in need and those who need a hand up. I have spoken with a state senator from the opposing party and we both are working on healthcare issues. She teaches about rural health. I will work with her and others. Getting good stuff done is not partisan, it’s just good government.

Who is your hero?

Joan of Arc. She was a strong woman in a man’s world. She stood up when no one thought she should or could. SHe used her voice and her brains. I have always loved her story and even took a trip to France to visit her birthplace and places of importance. She has always been my hero and my inspiration.

What are your hobbies?

I love to knit. It is my relaxation and my outlet for creativity. I also love to dance. I trained for a professional ballet career and have taught children to adults in ballet and jazz. I will always be a dancer and a mover to music. It makes life worthwhile. We have an RV and I love traveling all around the US and Canada. Last summer we went to 19 states and put 9,000 miles on our rig. I feel so happy and relaxed on the open road in my home away from home.

What is the most recent book you read?

An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal. Always wanting to learn more about healthcare in America. I am also an avid Danielle Steele reader, I’ve read all her books and just finished Beauchamp Hall.

Do you have any kids/pets/talking houseplants?

My daughter will turn 40 this year and I am proud she is in a good marriage and loves her career. We have a pure bred dachshund, Bandit. He is a rescue. I have always had this breed of dog since childhood and have rescued dogs since I became an adult. I especially like rescuing older dogs to give them a forever home. Bandit was 10 when he came to live with us and is now 14. He is my companion and best fur friend.

How can our readers get involved in your campaign?

Go to my website and sign up. They can also contribute via actblue on my donate page.

What question do you wish we’d asked, and what is your answer?

How do we address the political divide in this country?
We need to listen and not judge. I learned my listening skills when I practiced medicine. I was taught “listen to your patients and they will tell you what you need to know”. I listen, learn and do not judge. I was taught to leave judgement out of the workplace. I have treated criminals and I have treated celebrities. Everyone deserves equal treatment and care. I am not here to judge my voters, my patients or my friends. I am here to work with anyone who wants to make things better, to learn about problem solving and keep an open mind about other’s opinions. I am being taught everyday and I am open to learning, listening and serving.

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DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks, but are sustained solely on donations from grassroots supporters. Because our revenue isn’t click-driven, we don’t take in any direct revenue from the creative contributions of grassroots activists who post on the site. This sets us apart from other media sites. And we’re proud of that.

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