Meet the Candidate: Janet Dudding (Texas)

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Candidate Name:

Janet Dudding

Photo provided by the campaign.

Candidate’s preferred pronouns


What office are you running for?

Texas House, District 14

With which party are you running for office?

Democratic Party

Election Date

March 3, 2020

Why are you running for office?

  • Words have meaning.
  • Love is greater than fear.
  • We’re more alike than we are different and
  • That you do what’s right, even when nobody is looking.

THAT is why I am running.

Those are the values I grew up with. As an adult, they have formed my core.

But these are NOT the values reflected in Austin right now. I can NOT stand by watch my government implode. I had to step up. It is time to double-down.

What is the biggest issue facing your community and how do you propose helping?

The cities of Bryan and College Station form my community along withTexas A&M University, a top tier research institution in the middle.

Bryan residents face a healthcare, housing and wage crisis which can be alleviated by expanding Medicaid so that adults making over $2000 a year have access to preventive healthcare. Housing prices in our community are on par with those in the Metroplex, Dallas and Fort Worth, while wages in Bryan College Station for those not in academia lag behind. Let’s raise the minimum wage so that working one full time job will pay rent. Raising wages spurs the economy as every penny counts and is spent by working families to make ends meet. Gentrification may be a city issue, but the state can incentivize affordable housing set asides.

College Station’s residents are concerned with Climate Change. With Texas A&M in our front yard , we should be leading on Climate Change solutions. Capping methane and stopping flaring is a good first start as we expand Texas’ lead in wind and solar.

How do we fix the partisan divide in our country and start working together again?

I attended a bipartisan forum at the American Legion last night and was surprised to hear the fears of the Right from right here in town. We need to hear each other and recognize that at our core, our values are the same: truth, love, equality and integrity. For that, we need proximity. We need the opportunity to be social with each other instead of interacting solely through social media.

Who is your hero?

My mother, who was a force of nature.

What are your hobbies?

Right now, living way outside my box. Under non-campaigning times, I love to dig in the dirt.

What is the most recent book you read?

Blowout, by Rachael Maddow

Do you have any kids/pets/talking houseplants?

We have a Great Dane who snores and 2 cats who do not. Our daughter, aged 41, lives 8 hrs away with her husband and 2 kids.

How can our readers get involved in your campaign?

Contribute time talent or treasures. Like my FB and Twitter posts and share. Donate to develop good media messaging.

What question do you wish we’d asked, and what is your answer?

Who are you?

I’m a certified public accountant who has spent my life holding politicians accountable.

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DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks, but are sustained solely on donations from grassroots supporters. Because our revenue isn’t click-driven, we don’t take in any direct revenue from the creative contributions of grassroots activists who post on the site. This sets us apart from other media sites. And we’re proud of that.

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