Meet the Candidate: Zainab Baloch (North Carolina)

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Candidate Name: Zainab Baloch

What office are you running for?
Raleigh Mayor

With which party are you running for office?
Non-partisan Election

Election Date

Why are you running for office?
Throughout my upbringing, there was one constant – community. I grew up very involved in serving and leading initiatives because I loved it. My community was my neighborhood. It was my mosque. It was my schools (like NC State). My passion, youth, and commitment to the future of Raleigh is what got me into public service. The lack of voices speaking up for younger generations, vulnerable populations, new ideas, and morality is what inspired me to run. We have the chance right now to impact the future of Raleigh. I’m running to claim that future. But, this isn’t about me – it’s about us. Together, we can create a city of opportunity and hope–a Raleigh that will give every person a chance to pursue mobility, security, and happiness.

What is the biggest issue facing your community and how do you propose helping?
We have 100,000 residents at risk of homelessness. In the face of this climate crisis Raleigh’s plan will take 31 years, while scientists have only given us 11 years. With over 60 people moving into the city every day – which brings more cars + carbon – we can’t wait to build more public transportation.

What’s keeping us from solving these issues is – lack of engagement and transparency from our government. The system is set up in a way that makes it difficult for our youth and working communities to get involved in the decision making processes. We need to meet people where they are, to communicate and support the people we’re meant to be serving. And we need to get big money out of our local politics, and build a people-powered city.

What are your hobbies?

What is the most recent book you read?”
Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

How can our readers get involved in your campaign?
We’re a grassroots campaign and can’t do this without you. We need volunteers, we need funding, we need you to spread the word and VOTE! You can contact us through our website or DM us on social media.

What question do you wish we’d asked, and what is your answer?
Who’s your favorite artist? J. Cole

Candidate Social Media:
Website | Facebook | Twitter

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DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks, but are sustained solely on donations from grassroots supporters. Because our revenue isn’t click-driven, we don’t take in any direct revenue from the creative contributions of grassroots activists who post on the site. This sets us apart from other media sites. And we’re proud of that.

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